Lady Gaga to appear on Cyberpunk 2077





(crosses fingers in hope that Bjork shows up as well)


There’s that girl who was all chromed out in the trailer released at E3. Isn’t she based on a lore character?

Maybe it’s her.


Hope that’s real. If I can’t trust ladygaganow. co for cyberpunk news then who can I trust anymore


It apparently came from this French source:


Must be annoying to just win an oscar and already have to throw it out to make room for a game award


hey… i just wanted to take another cyber-look at you


I’m guessing she’s not aware of the studio’s transphobic tweets…


Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh, cy cy cy cyber cy cy cyberface.


Her personality could definitely fit well with the game. I’m sure a song or 2 could be quite good as well. I am not a big fan of hers, but based on her image, this is probably going to end well for everyone.


This is a good reminder that games twitter and news are really small in the grand scheme of things. Anyone who isn’t extremely online probably will never know that happened.


this seems fake imo


Surely she will appear IN Cyberpunk.


No, she’s gonna be standing ON IT.


I seem to remember there being a Britney Spears like popstar in Deus Ex: Invisible War. She appeared as a hologram in some bars, and if you suspected any nefarious activity happening nearby you could totally report it to her and she would notify the authorities.

I’m not sure what guise Lady Gaga will appear in Cyberpunk. But just be aware, she might be a cop.


They should put Vince Staples in Cyberpunk 2077.

He’s totally rockerboy material.


I’m not saying that you should necessarily go play Invisible War again but maybe look it up on YouTube. NG Resonance is way worse than just a snitch. It’s like it Hatsune Miku were a massive world spanning intelligence and surveillance system.


So, Siri? Or Google’s voice?


That’s getting there. In both those cases it’s sort of widely understood that those systems can listen and spy on you and probably do. NG Resonance’s true nature is a complete secret, also her systems are often installed in bars and subway stations so the public doesn’t get the same opportunity to opt out like you might with an Amazon Echo or smartphone.


Isn’t there a news caster in Human Revolution that’s basically an AI? I forget what her overall goal is.