Lady Gaga to appear on Cyberpunk 2077


I think she was a tool of the illuminati or whatever but she was also curious about humans or something who cares and thus she really wanted to know more about the boring as a dead fish protagonist.


She (Eliza Cassan) was, effectively, a precursor to the Morpheus/Daedalus/Icarus line of surveillance AI developed by the Illuminati (and Majestic 12) in the original Deus Ex. She’s designed to surveil the population of the world, and also manipulate their belief systems via what we’d now call “fake news”, whilst appearing to be a real newscaster (so there’s shades of NG Resonance from Invisible War there, too). What she actually wants, in what’s implied to be something like an emerging independent sapience, is something that she doesn’t entirely seem to be aware of herself - at the start of Human Revolution, she’s just developed enough moral awareness to feel “guilt” about the consequences of some of her actions as scripted by the Illuminati - and she, of course, as JK notes, is mandated by convention to find the Protagonist interesting and a moral guide when she talks to him.

(Like a lot of stuff in HR, Eliza is also a heck of a lot more sophisticated than her allegedly more sophisticated successors are in Deus Ex.)


I can’t get over how badly HR didn’t want to be a Deus Ex game.

That and the racism.