Land of the Lustrous/Hōseki no Kuni


Strangely, this show about genderless warriors made out of rocks is not Steven Universe, but in fact a new anime adaptation (directed by Takahiko Kyougoku) of an ongoing manga (authored by Haruko Ichikawa) started in 2012.

A large part of Its Deal is that it is (almost?) entirely CG, which inevitably gives rise to consternation. Now, the only other majority CG thing I’ve watched is Kemono Friends (which I love dearly but that’s another thread), and I’m only 3 episodes in but so far the action and jokes seem to work really well with the style! Also, as evidenced by the Little Witch Academia thread (for which YURiKA also did the OPs), I love useless dipshits doing their best. And also parentheses.

Anyway, here’s a trailer:
here’s the OP:
here’s an interview with the director:
and here’s


I also love watching useless dipshits do their best, so I may have to check this out.

I’m not sure what I think about the CG though. I don’t love how the main characters look, but the archer statue thing from the beginning looked fantastic.


Bort is a walking edgelord pun and that’s great.


I haven’t watched any of this but I’m probably going to but okay reading about it on Wikipedia I learned that Bort is what they call industrial-grade diamonds used for drill tips and such, or whatever, which explains Bort being the name of a character in Punisher Pumice (in Cucumber Quest) - I kind of just assumed it was a random joke but no turns out it is Thematically Appropriate.

Anyway I’ll have real input when I watch this I guess.


Nice to see others watching this show. It interesting how far CG has gotten now after how horrifying Berserk was but I think Hoseki visual stand out better in CG with how shiny and colorful the characters are. Also Anime Feminist pointed out how the characters talk in gender-neutral pronouns which is an interesting detail.
My only complaint is the direction the show is going with how many times Phos fails.


Been having fun with the show. I’ve never been against the use of CG as long as it’s used well and this is definitely a fine example. It’s a good use of the medium, and I can understand the choice. I imagine it would be a lot harder to achieve some of the lighting effects in a more traditional animation style, most notably in regards to light filtering through the translucent hair of some of the characters. Plus, the people who work on the environments for this show are working wonders, with the grass and water especially.

As for story content it’s been a pretty faithful adaptation of the manga so far, which is nice to see. I’m more concerned with it possibly ending in the middle of an arc and then never getting a second season than anything else, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


I’ve been reading and adoring the manga as it is released over here. Does anyone have thoughts on whether the adaption is worth getting Anime Strike for?


Their starting to get some top quality exclusive shows like Princess Principal and Re: Creators so give it a go.


Bumping for a awesome article from anime feminist, talking about gender-neutral words and how far translation needs to go.


I love it! It’s really good!

I was really surprised by how willing the show was to show the hurt these characters go through physically, especially as early as the second episode.

I find the physical trauma, particularly leg stuff, very relatable. I blew out my knees doing martial arts/fencing and they’ve never been the same.

I’ve unfortunately watched every available episode though and I wish I’d paced myself a bit better.

Also, imo, Antarcticite is under rated.


This is the best show of 2017 please watch this show.

Since it hasn’t been linked, for those of you who have watched through episode 9 I highly recommend reading the Sakuga Blog on the production of these episodes. It’s amazing what they’ve accomplished with this series:


I recently started watching this show and absolutely adore it. Got through ep 8 today and I’m continually astounded by the… changes Phos goes through throughout the series. Visually and in many other ways, the show is just great. Gonna make sure to read that Sakuga Blog interview and articles as well.


The new episode is up on Anime Strike! Did anyone watch it yet? If so what did you think?


OMG, just read ahead in the Manga and it on another level with it Nier-ness. Phos may as well be 9S but a gem and one that is falling apart.


you maybe wanna spoiler that buddy?

anyway yeah this show ruled. i hope it gets a second season but if it does i wouldn’t be surprised if we have to wait a very long time for it



i loved this a lot i love everyone. i’m sad it is over & there’s no more. thanks.


Well there always the Manga which, while lacking the beautiful colors and animation, still hits you in the feels.


Watched the last of it the other night. I’m tempted to read the manga…


After finishing this the other day, I immediately bought and read all the officially released volumes. Unfortunately they end exactly where the show ends! Wikipedia says it’s up to volume 8 in japan but volume 5 isn’t dropping until March here. Boo.


Never thought a 3DCG anime would ever be one of my favourite anime productions but here we are. Definitely the surprise of the season for me, and, of course, anime of the season for me (very very close second to Girls’ Last Tour though).