Larger area for comments



Maybe I’m complaining too soon and you already planned to change it, but I think the text area on the forum is set by default right now. To me there is a lot of wasted space of the right that could be used to have wider text zones.

Since I can show an example, it will be more simple. From another website (, French website) using the Discourse tech:

Thoughts? Also, thx for the dark theme! You already did a good job :slight_smile:


It might be nice to have a setting for this!

I actually really appreciate the more (relatively) narrow columns. My brain is Real Real Bad and I have a hard time focusing on/reading longer lines of text, so keeping it more vertically oriented helps me stay in place.


This is definitely an area of discussion among designers. Personally I’d prefer the narrower columns as well. But a setting would be nice.