Laser League Thread


So this game wasn’t really on my radar until I played the closed beta that was run last month, and I think it’s something pretty special. Laser League is an upcoming team-based future sport game from Roll7, makers of Olli Olli and Not A Hero, and it’s having an open beta this weekend on Steam.

In the game, players race around an arena in an attempt to capture points that, once tagged, shoot out laser walls of their team’s color that will vaporize players on the opposing team. Captures only last a handful of seconds before the points return to neutral, so you have to constantly be on the move. New points will spawn and walls will start to move around the arena, creating a violent neon bullet hell-like environment. Players can revive their downed teammates if they can reach them, and a team wins a round when the other team is totally eliminated. Matches are played to best of five rounds, and between each round, the losing team gets a chance to change up their strategy by changing classes. That’s right, there are classes. Each one has a special ability limited by a cooldown that ranges from dropping a point in the arena that you can teleport to later, to straight up stabbing your opponents.

The previous beta already felt really polished, with an awesome look and sound that really immersed me in this Tron-like future sport environment they’ve created. It had good onboarding as well, with videos and accompanying text explaining not only what the abilities for each class do, but what role they’re intended to fill and how their ability helps them do that. I wouldn’t want to get anyone’s expectations too high, but the last game I was this excited about after playing a beta weekend was Rocket League. This feels unlike anything I’ve played before, and I’m really excited to hear what other Waypointers might think of it.


So I played this at Pre-E3 last year and LOVED it. I’m super excited to check this out this weekend!


Thanks for the heads up! I think I’ll have to check it out.


Did anyone else end up playing this? It’s really awesome. There’s a lot more to your positioning and classes that I wasn’t even aware were part of it. Matches can go pretty fast too, which is nice. Had two matches; the first was a blowout loss, and the second (when I switched to the more defensive Ghost) we win pretty definitively.

Think I’ll have to get this when it’s out!

Edit: Do we know if it’s gonna be free or nah?


This looks so cool! I’m gonna check this out next Beta, or maybe tonight if it’s still up.


I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to play this weekend, but I’m glad to hear some other people are into it, too. I don’t think it’s going to be free, but maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll do a free PS+ debut like Rocket League did.


This game is out for real on PS4, XBOne, and PC now! It was part of last month’s humble monthly bundle, so I’ll be playing on PC. I jumped into it a week ago while it was still early access and tried to do a 3v3, but matchmaking took a very long time and eventually started a match with one other human being and four bots, so hopefully the player pool will be a bit bigger this weekend!


Fingers crossed! I had a similar experience when I played it a few weeks ago. I didn’t even know it was doing the full release “already.” I assumed it was gonna be in Early Access for much longer haha.


I guess it’s a little late to mention now, but the game is having a free weekend on Steam (ends sometime tomorrow, the store page says 10am PST but my library says 4pm so who knows) if anyone’s interested in checking this out. I’ve only played a few rounds so far but it seems really fun! I’m digging how they’ve balanced the classes - each of them feels like a total game-changer when used correctly.


I got a few matches in, and it was a bit of a crapshoot regarding matchmaking. Two full matches, one that was half full, and one that was just me with 5 other AI. I was actually totally okay with that one, as I got the chance to figure out the timing a little better.

I love how satisfying it is to use your class power to its full effect, whether that’s smashing an opponent across the field into a laser wall, stealing a critical node that wipes the other team, or ghosting through a wall and a bunch of the other team’s abilities to res a teammate.

One bit of advice: learn what the different power-ups do, and be aware of the state of the arena before you grab one. It is a very bad idea to grab the “switch” power-up if your team has all the laser walls already. Similarly, grabbing the “speed up” power-up when your team doesn’t have much control is probably not going to end well for you.