Laura Bailey Was Nominated In The Game Awards For Whitewashing


Laura Bailey, who has played Nadine Ross in both Uncharted 4 and Uncharted Lost Legacy, has been nominated for best actor at The Game Awards. Normally, I do not care for nominations for this show, but this is entirely different. I wrote in a previous post how white washing like this is harmful and how it can take away from other aspiring actors of colors to land roles. But now with her being nominated, and this being a show run in conjunction with all the publishers in the industry, it confirms to me that this is now acceptable. That this is okay. And it fucking sickens me to see this happen. Excuse my language, but there has been no wide scale discussions about white washing in video games for the entire decade I have been following games, and to see this as it is now makes depresssing sense. This reinforces the idea to other studio heads that they can get away with this now. Ubisoft has done this for a long time, with Far Cry 4, Assassins Creed Liberation, and recently with Origins. Walking Dead has Clementine played by a white woman. And it goes on and on from there. I am tired and I want people to call this harmful and toxic casting processes for what it is. Not acceptable.

Getting diversity into voices

I agree that it’s pretty gross that the games industry is ok to not even discuss the harm of whitewashing in voice acting. If you’re going to include PoC’s in your game, include them in the making of your game. It’s not that hard.


Yeah, the fact she was nominated for a performance in what effectively amounts to digital blackface is abhorrent. Casting her was one of the shittiest creative decisions Neil Druckman’s made in his career – and he’s made some very bad decisions.


That was a good thread, indeed. Want to re-link it in case anyone hasn’t seen the convos in there.

The Game Awards are grossing me out pretty hard this year. The main controversy that most gamers are concerned with is… sigh whether PUBG counts as a released game for Game Of The Year.

And I don’t really want to derail this thread with that discussion, just wanted to illustrate the pitiful level of conversation that gamers as a whole are willing and ready to have.


I have not played Lost Legecy or any Uncharted game for that matter. Is Nadine the Sout African lady?


So is it Laura Bailey at fault here or is it the people that cast her?
I mean the title of this thread makes it out like she a bad person for doing her job.


She always had the option of turning down the role, but she accepted it regardless of its implications. It’s not like it would be impossible for her to withdraw from the project.



The people that nominated her in The Game Awards are the ones being called out in the thread title.

But as for the casting itself, in my opinion, both the actress and the casting team is at fault. The casting team for passing up Black actors for the role, not seeing anything wrong with their actions in doing so. Laura Bailey for publicly saying she didn’t see anything wrong with herself playing a Black woman and accepting the role after seeing Nadine’s character design.

She said that she wanted to make sure herself that there was a “strong character of color” in the game. Hey Laura, what better way to do that yourself than to step down and make sure a POC gets the role?


What’s especially weird about that casting is that in the very same game, you have Black-Asian actress Merle Dandridge (Alyx Vance in Half-Life 2, Marlene in The Last of Us) voicing old white woman Evelyn. It’s as confusing as it is frustrating.


“We need more PoC in games, so I, a white person, will take on the role of a PoC to promote diversity in this space.” she said, cutting into a line of black women waiting to audition for the role of a black woman.


E: I want to be clear Laura Bailey didn’t actually say this verbatim I was being facetious, but that article Mello linked is basically that.


White saviorism, in my Uncharted game? It’s more likely than you’d think!


We need some sort of hall of infamy for the worst quotes of all time from people who make games.


Would have been nice if they had cast an actual South African for the role.


That article you linked would have one, I guarantee it.


The Laura Bailey article I linked also had her saying that she worked heavily with her dialogue coach to be able to mimic the South African dialect, a lot of effort and time that could have been saved by not hiring Laura Bailey.


I want to imagine the mocap sessions for the scenes with Nadine and her mercenaries had to be slaved on by animators to digitally remove the hours of South Africa raised Gideon Emery rolling his eyes at the irony.


The David Cage Hall of Video Game Dumbassery


Didn’t know about this… A horrible choice to cast Laura in the first place and for her to accept the role. But then to also nominate her, whole thing is just gross.


Yo this is my first time hearing about all this but WOW THIS IS BAD Y’ALL…


For anybody who’s not familiar with Laura Bailey (the actor) or Nadine (the character) this is what we’re talking about: