Lead History's Worst Raid Group in 'A Total War Saga: Troy'

If you have ever questioned how you'd make a strategy game based on a war epic that's mostly about violent, depressed narcissists standing around longship parking lots to argue about their violence and colossal egos, A Total War Saga: Troy isn't a bad answer. Long before the Greeks can ever glimpse the walls of Troy or face man-killing Hector, you'll have to bribe, threaten, conquer, loot, and raze your way across the Aegean.

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Reminder that this is free if you grab it today on Epic


This review mostly made me want to get Three Kingdoms. I know next to nothing about that period of Chinese history, so I wasn’t that interested in the game to begin with, but apparently it’s a Total War game without those useless, fiddly agents in it? Why did nobody say that? Sign me up!

Its hands down the best Total War game to date. I’ve just played an hour or two of Troy, and can see straight away what Rob is talking about. The QoL fixes seem to not be there

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Agents are like that bad relationship that CA just can’t get out of. In Warhammer at least they can be extremely powerful in battle.

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To be slightly fair, the ninja cinematics from the original Shogun were pretty cool. It’s just, surely there’s a better way to show off your cool ninja cinematics than awkwardly shuffling these pieces around a board and hanging an annoying progression system off them.

I have lost both games I’ve played so far, the enemy AI really piles on while the friendly AI bumbles around doing nothing. I might wait to play again for the Amazons DLC to come out as that may allow me to not get sucked into the Trojan war before I want to.