League of Legends' Fake Anime Pop Star Is Sad Tweeting About Genocide

One of the things that makes pop stars so beloved by their fanbases is the parasocial relationship they share. An object of fandom presents a persona, one that is relatable, aspirational, or sometimes both; fans respond in turn with not just adoration, but the kind of love that only comes from believing that the pop star is speaking directly to them. It's an intoxicating mix—and one that Riot Games is deliberately encouraging with their bizarre new character:  virtual pop singer, Seraphine.

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I just gotta share this piece. Reviving this thread because… oh my god, what even the fuck. The story with Seraphine only gets more wild: https://step-nie.medium.com/the-problem-with-seraphine-58dc16c07e79


I believe the only thing to say after reading all that is: holy shit what the fuck.

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Supposedly, the character was actually (with permission) based on a character designer’s actual SO, but TQBH she looks a lot more like Stephanie than the other woman.

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Regardless of what the situation is “John” seems like a creep who flexes where he works to pick up women.


And here’s the problem: Riot harboured this creep, and many other creeps. As far as I’ve concerned, they haven’t significantly changed as an institution to justify letting any of these allegations slide.