Leak on 3 3DS Atlus games

Atlus has mistakenly put up there next 3DS games that they are releasing in the west next year.

Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth - Real cool map building RPG. Those games are cool and have a nice story classic story to them.
Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux - It was in a way a twist on the SMT main series. Only problem I had with it was it was slow in places but I can say it had some weird themes on demon’s and Angels.
Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology - Oh snap! A classic JRPG where you can travel through time to get all the different endings without having to do NG+.

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Very excited that Etrian Odyssey V is getting localized. I was getting worried there.

Etrian hype! FOE! FOE!

Now to finish the other EO games…

I’m real hype to see how they update Radiant Historia. I never finished that game but what I did play was pretty good.

Trailers here

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excited for Etrian V, extremely skeptical about the Strange Journey remake

If you were lukewarm on it the first time it’ll probably not going to do much other than extra story and visual upgrade. EOV and Radiant Historia will be the ones to look into.

EOV I’m very interested in but I need to go over it’s character portraits and do a gut check on how I feel about it as I remember the prior games having an issue with pretty young characters in pretty inappropriate outfits.

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux is the one I’m most worried about. That was the last of the kubrickian nightmare games in the SMT series before they went to a blander anime aesthetic so I worry that if they redo too much of the art they’ll lose what made that game worth while and the new women they’ve shown is already a step in the wrong direction.

Radiant Historia is, uh, a JRPG? That I played about 5 hours of. I remember nothing about it and beyond people saying it was really good nothing stands out about it.

EO character design changed a lot so no weird outfits for characters.

What made Radiant Historia great was how you can time travel to previous events and make a choice you missed out on. Meaning you can get every ending in one go. It is a classic JRPG in certain aspects but I believe there are some modern mechanics to it.

Hmm. I don’t know about NO weird portraits:

Well crap.Guess I can’t help you there.

yeah see these are my exact worries about EOV and SMT. i was a HUGE fan of Strange Journey but i just dunno if i trust them to not miss what was special about it. also whenever the SMT series revisits anything for the post-Persona audience then my grandma hackles raise up and i instantly go full suspicion

as for EOV, idk like they havent really fixed that issue with any entry thus far so i ain’t holding my breath. i suppose the horny anime bullshit will have to remain the one caveat for the franchise

I can probably deal with that level of anime horny as long as they keep kids out of it but I’ll have to look into it some more before I decide if I want to pick it up.

the mainline EO titles all let you pick the portraits for your adventurers so unless they change the format or actually ramp up the bullshit this time, you can probably play the game all the way through without having to see a single bad portrait?

Totally. So as long as it’s just tacky I can look past it. It’s when I have to ask myself what laws it’s skirting to not be illegal for it’s depictions of minors that I start to really back away slowly

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I’ll admit I played the story heavy parts of the past EO so I have missed the weird outfits (Outside of enemies).

Never played Strange Journey so I’m really looking forward to this remake. I know it was pretty much the last Atlus project Kaneko was heavily involved with which is exciting and I hope the game lives up to that reputation. One thing I always look forward to when SMT games are updated is Atlus adding better QOL features so hopefully this one has good options available too.

Looking at art comparisons, yeah it definitely lost the distinct look Kaneko’s illustrations have but idk. It still looks pretty fine.

The new character definitely clashes with the established style I’ve seen from the original so it’ll be interesting to see how she’s worked in. They mention a “new route” available so maybe she’ll be pretty much cordoned off to that?

Man that comparison really shows of how much difference even basic color choice can make. It’s sooo bland looking to me

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That comparison is kind of disappointing. I never played it originally, but I think all of that original art looks quite a bit better.

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I actually like the new art a bit better? Something about the original art just seems off somehow.