Learn to Love Otome Games Through These Essential Titles


There’s a lot more to the “loved-up” side to visual novels than dating sims starring anime boys.

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Sweet Fuse looks familiar. Is that…

…Yeah, that’s the game with Inafune Keiji.

Otherwise, I’d probably be more interested in otome games if they didn’t revolve around romance.


RE: Amnesia: Memories - “The blossoming romance that ensues is similarly warm and affectionate.” Except that route where you like. End up in a cage as the dude’s pet.

This game is deeper than it might look at first sight, it has some very good plot twists that are slowly being revealed and the “end game”, so to speak, sure is a Thing That Will Get Your Blood Pumping.


I’ve been trying to get into Otome games for a while, but I’m beginning to think that I would prefer a visual novel with romance elements rather than a straight up romance game. I don’t like having to choose a guy if I don’t like any of them to avoid a bad ending which is what I encountered in The Royal Trap and Mystic Messenger. Nor do I like getting stuck in a romance path with a guy if I’m nice to them. Cinders still remains my favorite because it didn’t have those issues.


It took me basically a year and a half to do so, but I finally finished Amnesia about a month ago. I really enjoyed it overall; as someone who’s not romantically/sexually interested in men, the dynamic between the characters makes or breaks it for me, and even with the more… problematic… characters, I think the dynamic was generally interesting between the main character (plus Orion) and the boys. And then there’s Kent, who kills me in just about every scene; I love him so much?? The last thing I did in the game was unlock the bonus scene you get for answering every question in his route correctly and I diiiied. I will say I wasn’t super fond of how endings worked out, though, since the text skip’s a little slow and after I got a character’s ending I’d generally need to skip through the entire thing twice with a guide to get all of their endings before moving on. Also, a friend who’s way more experienced with otoge and also really liked it’s said that compared to other otoge it’s essentially all about subverting their character types? So I missed out on that aspect, but still. Shame we probably won’t get any of the sequels/fandiscs anytime soon, since IFI released it themselves and they seem to be busy rereleasing Hakuoki instead of Aksys doing so for whatever reason.

On that note, I’d played Hatoful, but that was otherwise my first otoge. Code Realize is apparently the best thing out currently so I’m trying to play all of that now before Collar x Malice hits at the end of July, but given how long Amnesia took and the fact that (ignoring all the non-VN games I’m playing) I’m also playing Steins;Gate 0 currently… that might not end up happening in time.

EDIT: Fivedroids, you might enjoy something more like Amnesia then, since you just pick the person you’re dating immediately at the start. That being said, you probably won’t like all the guys, so there’s that. I think Norn9 is structured similarly but I haven’t heard many positive things about it overall.


That is good to hear. Amnesia was next on my to try Otome games list since it is really cheap right now and I’ve read many favorable impressions about it.