Left 4 Dead 2: The Last Stand

New update for L4D2 just dropped today and it contains some new maps, a campaign, new weapons, and a variety of other updates. It’s also 80% off and getting a free weekend on Steam until the 28th.

You can read more about it here: https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/550/view/2801759323340305752


Thanks for sharing!

But I dunno. It honestly looked like more of the same.

So it’s good but it is more of the same.

The Counter Strike weapons have been in for a long time just not as polished and hidden, originally given to German players because they got a downgraded game.

The new campaign is fun, it’s two maps and it took me solo about 40 minutes to beat. Way better than Cold Stream. No new VO of course.

The new survival maps as far as I can tell are additions to the original l4d1 maps that didn’t originally have as many. Which is okay but I’ve never been a fan of their survival mode. Vs survival mutator is better IMO.

If you’re coming back to l4d2 i would really recommend checking out some custom campaigns like Dead Before Dawn. The l4d2 workshop is honestly a dumpster fire when it comes to actually finding campaigns because it had 0 moderation and so people tagged items with every possible tag. https://www.gamemaps.com/l4d2/ is way easier to navigate, just look them up on the workshop after finding one you like. Highly recommend the Let’s Build A … maps. They’re an interesting twist on the wave survival genre.

I really hope the 360 version is getting this update. I wonder how that game’s player pop is holding up. :thinking:

L4D2 was my happy place and go-to game to unwind after high school so I really wish I had a PC to dip back in for this new update. The last time I touched it was probably when Cold Stream was added.

So I went ahead and made a collection of various campaigns that I remember being of good quality. Some are a bit newer (Outrun) but I dipped into them and they seemed great so I added them to the collection.

Anyway if you’re looking to for more L4D2 here ya go. In particular “Journey to Splash Mountain”, “I Hate Mountains”, and “Dead Before Dawn” are all extremely good.

If you want something a bit more interesting and like wave survival try out “Money-Survival Building Game” and the various “Let’s Build” maps. Be warned though that the bots require you to buy for them so you probably want to do these with at least one other person.


I missed the XBox One/PS4 generation, but I loved playing L4D and L4D2 with friends from around the world on the 360. Most of the praise goes to the co-op campaigns, which were good, but 4v4 multiplayer was great.

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