Legendary Youtube videos


my man


i think i just witnessed some kind of cosmic horror.

EDIT: David Lynch’s Roseanne


i’m in the deepest ring of hell


CW: Loud Screaming
SERIOUSLY. PAUSE the video and turn your VOLUME all the way DOWN.

i don’t know why this is so funny to me.


@ClairvoyantVibes @Highwire The fact that I got to introduce at least two people to Gohn Joodman has made this entire thread worth it.





I could fill a thread with legendary Giant Bomb videos, but I feel like this one especially eclipses that to just be a legendary video altogether.

Oh, and this one too:



It’s so hard to find the good gmod videos now that Youtube’s algorithm has shat the bed.


The only 2 things I remember from Code Ment are this and “Not This Time Anime Batman”


I’ve followed this guy for years, it was so weird to actually see his work on Comedy Central when they still ran Trip Tank.

Also I apologize for nothing.



for the record i 100% believe in psychedelic machine elves.






This thread is going in a direction I can get behind