Legendary Youtube videos



I honestly think the newest one is the best of his videos in this style:

But the all time great is still this imitation:


Lower your volume before watching

And for you Five Guys fans, I will never not love this.

“You bite the fry, the fry BITES BACK, my man!”


the fun begins around 30 seconds in and just gets better and better from there.


well i mean it’s not that funny but if you want to watch it that bad here you go i guess





Sorry to double post but i forgot this amazing thing


How dare you bring something so cursed into this thread.


Disclaimer: As a person of color, I’m by no means trying to minimize discrimination or make fun of others of any race. This video just highlights the hilarious ridiculousness of infomercials. Enjoy : )

Question for my fellow Waypointers who live outside the US: I’m curious, are your infomercials as over-the-top and absurd?


Come on, if you’re gonna post infomercial video content, bring out the big guns.


Found some stuff in my likes playlist (which I will never share because cleaning that thing out would require decades). Sadly could not find one guy who did really good poops (I suspect their account was deleted) but I did find a few things worth sharing.

And I found exactly one genuinely good AMV in there for Paranoia Agent set to They by Jem. Does contain spoilers so heads up.


Dunno about infomercials but one of the first, if not the first ads for tv, during the time period communism was on the way out here, sure was something:

(people real did not knew what to do with the whole capitalism thing at first)


now I know how BioWare got the sound for Sovereign in Mass Effect 1


Much like how I could fill a thread with Giant Bomb clips, I could fill a thread with FGC videos, but I’ll just stick to the three best ones, including the classic:

The FGC anthem (cw: language):

and The Freshmaker:



Don’t know what I just watched, but I do know it contained 450% too many roaches.


And if you use Prusakolep hopefully the number will drop to zero (it’s for bug killing).