Legendary Youtube videos


The robots were built to help us.



beaten to it but I might like the caption more. hmmmmm


chris remo playing guitar really heightens this clip


Kizuna AI is playing Cuphead - and apparently the Japanese release had no translation work done on it, which makes their reaction to the game… interesting.


Should always search before posting…

But that video never fails to make me laugh.

Alternative caption was METAL GEAR?!


I always forget that this video is 22 minutes long.


CW: Anime, Weed.


“Big enough it could be listed on the lololol , goes belly up! Dis appers , it ce says to exist!”


Me explaining fighting games to anybody.


I can’t find the one I’m thinking of, but Gutsman’s Ass and dumb dragonball videos are legendary


This was my first thought when I saw this thread.


Also, this




I’m really kicking myself for not posting that earlier. It’s soooo goood

“DHC glitch that means you can do a combo into another combo with a super but that combo is not landing any combo but when he knockdown t’s still a combo, you understand?”



tis the dang season


God I feel so old watching this video.


EDIT: Never mind, he just promoted PewDiePie.