'Lego City Undercover' is the Best Lego Game


'Lego City Undercover' offers some of the most satisfying open-world gameplay—and car crashes—we've ever played.

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More people would have realized this years ago when it was a Wii U exclusive if more people bought a Wii U. :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t play the game myself but was quite impressed with not only the competence and scale of the realization of the open world but, perhaps most surprisingly, the writing, when I watched our son play. And I had plenty of opportunity to watch, he freaking loves that game. I can see why, it feels very much like a better written GTA for kids.


Thanks for this piece and the highlighting here on the forums. I think I have Lego game fatigue because the gameplay and frustrating bugs in Lego Force Awakens really turned me off. But this one sounds like a lot of fun to try out with my kiddo