Lesser Known Battle Royale Games


Most folks are already familiar with PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends, but have you found a Battle Royale game that doens’t get a lot of attention but you enjoy? Something, that’s doing something unique or just fun to play? Something that’s overshadowed by bigger games? Share it here!



My squadmates and I play this on nights (like tonight) that the pubg servers are down.


Does agar.io count as a battle royale?



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Battlerite Royale and it’s parent/sister game Battlerite are little known and always worth playing.

Admittedly I’ve not played too much of the Royale mode because I prefer arena but the gameplay’s great in both.

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Yeah, that’s something I downloaded but didn’t play yet. I should give it a shot because it doesn’t play like a traditional MOBA, which was something I struggled with.

Something else that I recently got into is Realm Royale. It was originally going to be a mode in Paladins, but they expanded it out to game. If you like the shooting in Overwatch, you’ll probably like this game.


Fwiw I can’t recommend Battlerite in general enough. Even if the big issue with it is that there’s little way s to compensate for the fact that learning what’s up will probable take an hour or so.

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I wrote about Black Survival during the 2017 GILM of the Year awards.

A year and change later, the game has:

  • An updated look
  • A better English translation
  • A steady stream of new characters
  • Frequent balance patches
  • A better progression system
  • Better rewards for free-to-play players
  • Some “better” english voice acting (the awkward translation gave it a weird charm, but the older characters do still have the same voice acting, bad recording quality and all)
  • An expanding-and-sizeable-yet-still-manageable crafting system
  • Loot boxes with some truly unnecessary cosmetics and, if you’re lucky, awkwardly animated skins that, if you’re really lucky, may not just be a pair of anime breasts jiggling around… or (NSFW) male near-nudity?.

I would argue it’s in the running for weirdest Battle Royale games out there, but the game is actually a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

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pretty good question, I think its not battle royale but on other hand is is much likely similar as free fire.