Let Me See My Customized Dick in 'Cyberpunk 2077'

One of the most talked about features of Cyberpunk 2077 right now is the ability to customize your penis. Some players are asking, why go through the trouble if you don't even see it?

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Can’t wait for the next installment in Gita’s “Let Me See The Dick” series!

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Without getting into too many details, there is a sex scene in this game that ends abruptly and rolls immediately into a battle. My character did this battle, right after having sex, in his boxers. He spent the remainder of the dialogue heavy wrap up sequence after this battle in his boxers. I cannot help but think of how fucking funny it would have been to just have been fully hanging out the entire time. It’s a missed opportunity, especially for the mission it was a part of.



I’d just like to point out that Dante’s Inferno, a terrible fucking disaster of a game, did at least end with a bang by having you fight satan while his comically huge cock was out.


It’s weird because in the inventory screen if you take your pants off you can see everything, but in the first person cutscenes you’re always wearing underwear. I don’t understand why they did this.


Knowing nothing about the tech behind the game, is it not possible that the in game body the player sees and the in inventory body are two entirely different things and that first person body just doesn’t have genitals at all? I know there are a lot of first person games where people have hacked a third person camera into it and the body is… interesting.

The last line of this piece, ‘buggy penises’ has put an image in my head of a raging hard on, crawling with insects… thanks Gita

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Maybe, but you do see your third person body a lot. When driving cars you can go third person, so on a motorcycle you can see yourself just fine. I really have no idea.

Maybe the dicks don’t have physics and you hit the uncalled valley if dong when it stays static while you’re running around?

As much as I enjoyed the article, this was one phrase I did not enjoy >_<

Cyberpunk 2077 Third-Person Bug Reveals V Is A Shambling Monstrosity

See, this is kind of what I was referring to. If I had to guess, the body you see inside of menus and the body you see from the first person perspective are two different things entirely, and this weird gangly mess that exists in order for the perspective to “work” probably has the genitals of a Ken doll.

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That doesn’t change that if you take off your clothing and look down at yourself in first person you see underwear down there. Why did they make it different for the in-game model?

Who knows? Different rigging, different physics, an entirely different model, rating reasons, who can say? From that glitch it certainly looks like the V the game renders so you can see your own body isn’t the V you see in mirrors and such.

First person models are certainly a beast of their own. My assumption is that your character’s customisation does not necessarily carry over to the first person model, that would be another layer of extra work and might create more issues.

I can’t speak to CDPR’s practices or other games that handle first person games where you see your body, but often an fp model is warped and also often just a pair of floating arms (or whatever necessary limbs) that is only rendered with the first person camera.

So they probly put underwear on to hide any genital customisation.

I understand there’s a difference in how the models are created now, yeah. The confusion just comes in that each model has a different appearance. You look in the inventory you see one thing, you look in-game you see another. They don’t match, and that is weird. Either put underwear on the inventory screen or remove it in-world, as-is it makes things incongruous.