Let Me See the Dick in 'Ghost of Tsushima'

As Patrick Klepek wrote last week, Ghost of Tsushima is an extremely formulaic open-world game where you complete a series of repetitive tasks across an island in feudal Japan, but that kind of mindless distraction is exactly what I'm looking for, so I'm having a great time with it.

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“These wonderful hot spring moments, however, always sting at the end because they rob me of the chance to view my character’s dick.”

I love this fuckin’ site, I swear to God.


I honestly found the currently present butt a little jarring unto itself, to be honest. Like, with a game that I know is going to have a romance option, I can kinda mentally prepare for it, but suddenly SAKAI BUNS was a mental speed bump.

But hey, if you want some Jin Junk, go with God.


He really doesn’t! Whoever walked him through bokken training did an incomplete job.

More dicks in video games please.


I’m thinking back and the only instance of full frontal nudity I can recall, male or otherwise, is still The Lost And Damned

Which is to say, yes, more dongers in video games plz

This is the kind of transcendent brain take I’m here for.

I think there is full frontal nudity in The Last of Us 2 when you first enter Isaac’s apartment building but, yeah, I did NOT linger down in the basement for long.

I have been yelling “show us the dick, you cowards” for years so I am here for this article. Also, I said literally this same thing about this exact game to my fiancé yesterday so I’m feeling validated.


In my opinion there are too many dicks in gaming already.


I remember seeing some dick in the A Way Out streams, but it’s been a while so I could be wrong?

Let’s all pray that the PS5 and XSX will have the power to deliver the 4K 60fps ray-traced hog we deserve.


In Ghost of Tsushima, the true dick is You.

Let me pet every fox and see every dick.

It’s a little known historical fact that the Meiji Restoration was in part motivated by the Tokugawa Shogunate’s refusal to post hog


I’m not sure that wanting to see the dick of a decidedly not real samurai man and pointing out that you can’t see Sam’s dick in Death Stranding are necessarily the same thing. One is a fictional person made up for a game, and the other is a character who’s modeled after an actor who, undertandably, might not want people playing video games to be looking at his dick by proxy. Considering that we’ve been witness to a similar situation before with regards to the way Quantic Dream treated Ellen Page when using her likeness for Beyond Two Souls, it seems like a pretty strange comparison and comment to make.

I’d like equal opportunity nudity and a sincere exploration of bodies in mainstream games as much as the next person (maybe even more), but these are two very different situations we’re dealing with here.