Let’s settle how to pronounce this GILM nominee


How do you pronounce NieR: Automata?

  • Near Ah-toe-ma-tah
  • Near Ah-ta-mah-tah
  • Near Ah-tom-ah-tah
  • Nyer! Ah! A tomata!
  • Knee-r? Ah, Tom oughta!
  • Neer a toe, Madda.
  • Like you’re adjacent to a fruit commonly mistaken for a vegetable.
  • Like “auto” in “automaton"
  • Anime
  • Fuck you

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Well I’m not… not not voting to pronounce it not Anime.


Near a tomat’. Ta! (“thanks” / “goodbye”)





Look! it’s a tomato!




Neir Automata



Neirauto Mata

Neiruto Mate

Naruto, Matey


Mere Alma Mater


I believe it’s オートマタ.


It’s pronounced Ni-oh


Obviously the answer is this:

Nier Automata is a Square Enix joint
Kingdom Hearts is also a Square Enix joint
The Lion King is part of Kingdom Hearts
Timon and Pumbaa are characters in The Lion King
Their catchphrase is Hakuna Matata

Therefore it’s pronounced Nier Aumatata


tbh I can’t really tell from the poll which option is a specific pronunciation. I will say… Automata (the plural of Automaton) is a word that has been around for a while and was not invented by this game. Most people talking about the game do not seem to be familiar with the word though (or at least, with its typical pronunciation).

Back when it came out I was all like, cmon why can’t yall say this word but… actually its fine its not a common word call it whatever works Ill understand what it means.


I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced


But that may just be me


Let’s call the whole thing off


you forgot
Nya~ hewwo - maht - nya


You pronounce GILM with a hard “G” as in “giraffe”.


no no you pronounce the G soft, like in GIF


this surprised and frustrated me as well, until i played it, and at the very VERY end, a character says “nier automata” out loud with the non-traditional pronunciation (otta matta) that i’d been hearing from my friends this whole time. so the argument could be made that the game’s title is canonically pronounced different from the word?


Fair enough. There are knowable dictionary pronunciations of automata, as those links and youngliar’s show. And you’re right that it is a word that already exists in the English language.

But my phonetic spellings are not meant to be as spot-on as a dictionary’s. Some try to be legit, while others are bullshit. Because it’s a (baaaaaaad) jokey joke poll in a gaming forum teasing the debate itself.

Personally, I’m enjoying the hell out of the amazing responses, especially kcin’s, roguesquirrel’s, and gio’s. Those were great.

And, you know, if anyone hates the poll, there’s an option to express that!


Speaking of bad jokes:

So Maz asks Rey, “Where’s Luke?”

And Rey replies, “I think he’s near Ahch-To, Kanata.”