Let’s Talk Xbox Series X/S

Thought I’d start this thread because shit just got real:

The Series S is now the first next gen console to get a price point, at $300 USD. Still a lot to be unveiled, including the specs of this lower cost box, as well as pricing for the Series X. In any case, it’s starting to feel like the dam is breaking and we’re about to get some real next gen news!


Some more details:

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Any console manufacturer has had to have beenconsidering lowering the cost of their hardware now that we’re in The Great Depression 2.

I have no idea what any of the specs mean but given how eagerly both MS and Sony jumped on the iterative hardware bandwagon this gen, I wouldn’t buy the lower end version myself. Not that I can be sure that I’ll even have the option by the time these things are out.

The specs haven’t been fully confirmed by Microsoft, but basically the Series S is built for 1080p gaming and 4K video playback (with no disc drive) while the Series X is ostensibly a straight up 4K machine. CPUs are similar between the two, so framerate targets should be comparable.

I don’t see the Series S getting phased out before the X, especially considering that it is set to outsell the more powerful console just based on pricing alone.

£249 isn’t a bad price by any means, but I still wouldn’t buy one of these. Digital console games in the UK tend to cost, like, dramatically more than physical - the difference ranges from around £10+ for newly released games up to £30+ for slightly older games - so even if the Series X comes in at £499 - which it absolutely shouldn’t - you’d probably make up the difference within, I dunno, twelve or so games. And the Series S would only get more expensive as an ownership proposition - as compared with the Series X - from there.

If it had a disk drive, I’d be super impressed by the value of this thing, but as is, it’s kind of a fundamentally flawed product imo, at least for this market. The only people who should be buying an all-digital console here are folks who have money to burn for the convenience of never having to swap out a disk, and those people would obviously be better served by one of the more expensive consoles.

Barring some major shift in digital console game pricing here, to - for instance - bring it more in line with PC, I just don’t think this is a product I could recommend to anyone.

But how does Game Pass pricing look in the UK? I would imagine that’s the big play with this model. And I will say in other regions that digital/physical price discrepancy is not necessarily a given. At least in Canada I’ve found digital to be at least as good, if not better, than physical pricing.

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GamePass pricing here is plenty tempting, but I don’t think most people would be happy with just the GamePass library, honestly? Even for the most mainstream audience, there’s always gonna be those big yearly games - CoD, Fifa, etc - that don’t come to it, and it’s with those games that the price difference towards launch tends to be most stark. And once you bring those extra purchases into it, the difference starts to stack up really quickly.

(To give you some idea of what I mean: this generation, roughly 90% of the console games I’ve bought have been physical, and it’s probably saved me the equivalent of straight up buying my consoles again. Digital pricing here just sucks, even without factoring in the kinds of savings you get with used games–which you absolutely should, as that’s another fundamental disadvantage of digital-only consoles. It’s completely different on PC - I haven’t bought a physical PC game in a long time - but there hasn’t been any sign that the console digital market is moving more in that direction here.)


That’s wild to hear about! Is this an Xbox only issue or do you see the same with Sony and Nintendo? Is the PS5 All Digital dead on arrival in the UK?

It’s the same with Sony - I don’t see why anyone would buy a PS5 All Digital here, even more so than with the Series S - and as for Nintendo, well, the difference is slightly less stark… But only 'cause their physical games tend to hold their value so well. So the roughly £10 price difference persists, and that difference does increase somewhat for older games… But not nearly as much as it does for Xbox or PlayStation games.

Like, if I wanted to buy Breath of the Wild right now, it’d be £59.99 on the eShop, £47.99 new from Curry’s (a major tech chain here), or about £37-ish used from a reputable seller on eBay. That’s about as big as the difference is going to get. Meanwhile, if I wanted to buy, say, Red Dead 2 for Xbox, it’d be £59.99 on the Microsoft Store, going down to £24.99 new from GAME (our biggest games retailer) or just £12 used from CEX (a popular used tech, games, blu-ray etc chain).


There’s an online store in Canada where everything’s shipped from fucking Chesterfield and it still knocks a solid $20 CAD off $80 games, shipping included.

Grats on Xbox forcing a “Two Ninety Nine walks off stage” moment during a pandemic, but i’d still rather they put out a $349 vers or smth with a damn Dont Waste Money On Video Games drive


Legit, if you have a link to that site I’d love to know about it! Been paying full price here like a sucker…

Just about my entire Xbox One library is digital, so I’m not really all that bothered by an all-digital console personally, but I get that it’s not feasible for others depending on digital/physical pricing differences. I just don’t have an attachment to physical media.

I’ll still end up with a Series X, just to take advantage of my 4K TV, but this seems like a pretty enticing price point for the specs that you’re getting, especially if you’re not interested in paying for 4K. Like, $299 for a Game Pass machine sounds like a pretty good value.


If it can really deliver Series X performance at 1080p then it’s a very tempting proposition - fire up the Foundry, my Eurogamers.

I just wish the original Xbox Halos had post-360 BC support.

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Interestingly, BBC is reporting that Microsoft has confirmed a November 10th release date, in line with the Windows Central report that @trashtabby mentioned. No primary source is referenced, but I trust the BBC to verify their sourcing, so it looks like the last piece is a confirmation on the Series X price point. I imagine Sony will be announcing their price and date soon after.

As someone who has an ultimate game pass for the next 2+ years the S is really tempting. Like I don’t care about 4k on my TV for gaming, I’ve been playing switch games on it for the last few years and that’s been fine. If I can get a machine that’s dedicated to racing games, platformers, and whatever else comes on game pass I’ll be happy :man_shrugging:


yeah, agreed. the UK straight up sucks for non-physical copies of games.

I only have a 720p tv (small house means it’s not really worth having anything big enough to justify more) so this would be VERY tempting otherwise, the gamepass stuff is a bit of a pot-sweetener, but yeah, for someone who is usually willing to wait 2 months to play a game, it’s just not worth it.

if you have to be in on the conversation around a game, you could pay full price for a preorder, but it’s mostly just an impatience tax in the UK, that you wouldn’t be able to avoid.

That said i wouldn’t be able to justify a series x either, given that i have a gaming pc already.

maybe this wave of consoles just isn’t for me.

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I’m probably going to get a (bedisked) PS5 eventually, but y’know… Money. I’ve also gotta find the cash to rebuild my own gaming PC at some point–I’ve started trying to price it out, and it looks like I’ll have to spend about £1000 to get it up to the point where it’ll be comfortably ahead of the new consoles, like my 970 build was this generation.

The GPU price inflation we’ve seen over the last couple of generations continues to suck.

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true, i’ve been holding off upgrading my gpu for so long now that 2 waves of unaffordable cards have come out

I think i’m more likely to end up with a ps5 than any of these exxed boxes just beacuse of the pc crossover, but anything is hard to justify at the moment


Some more info in the latest post from Microsoft:

Big takeaways, the All Access program is expanding to other countries, and EA Access is going to be included in Game Pass. If I can finance the console in Canada, that’s definitely the route I’m taking, especially with my Game Pass sub coming up for renewal in October.

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This seems pretty cool to me. A lot of people still have 1080p TVs and aren’t looking to upgrade any time soon. Why pay so much for a 4k machine when you wont be able to even see those extra pixels for possibly a long, long time.

Not a fan of discless. I feel that’s probably a mistake. They could have added that, ate the cost, and been more than ready to just totally dominate. Digital games don’t go on sale and at such a steep decline as physical games in a retail location do when they want to empty inventory.

It’ll be interesting to see if Game Pass bridges that gap. I love it myself and have gotten to play many games I’d have missed otherwise, but there is still a lot of skepticism towards it … which is fair, because the cost of that subscription will most likely increase if it starts reaching levels of ubiquity things like Netflix has.