Let’s Talk Xbox Series X/S

The Series S has me eagerly anticipating the return of the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive.


I figure that’s their tradeoff with this, they stand to earn more over the lifetime of the product through subscriptions and the lack of a resale/second hand market on this so they can probably eat a lot more of the cost of the console. it does really suck for a) british people and likely australians, where digital prices are way out of whack with physical. and b) people with shitty internet

but the concession to the fact that most people don’t have 4k tvs is very much appreciated.


I’m not sure if I’ll get any of these new consoles from day one as it’s going to be a while until there are games there to play.


I’m into games pass and it sure would be nice to access the xbox catalogue from a shiny next generation xbox. The Series S looks so much cooler than all the other next get machines by several country miles.


Also have an Oled, not that I really get off on 4k but it would be a shame not to use it right? And what if I want to play my physical copy of Sunset Overdrive?


I’m with you on the look of the Series S. I’m likely going Series X for my purchase but boy does the industrial design of the S really appeal to me. I’d love to have that thing tucked away next to my Dreamcast and Wii!

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When I do get a next-gen device it’ll most likely be a ps5 with disc drive (depending on the price and still not on day one) mainly because I have a pc that seems like it should be able to run any games that are xbox/pc exclusive at around the same performance as the Series S so I don’t see the need to spend any money on either the Series S or X.

What the actual fuck:

Microsoft bought Zenimax. I have no idea what this even means. Elder Scrolls, Wolfenstein, fucking Doom?! Are they going to be Xbox exclusive?


I doubt it. Past and future games will probably be on Games Pass, so there is an incentive to go through Microsoft. But who knows what happens in the future.

I think all we know for sure now is that all of those games will be on Game Pass on Day 1, which by itself is a huge get. As for other consoles - we’ll see. I guess I wouldn’t be shocked if they went with the Minecraft model for TES/Fallout, and maintain multiplatform support - there’s just so much money there. I’m just…woof, did not see something of this magnitude coming…the day before console preorders go live too…

Announcing this the day before the preorders go live is going to take a herculean effort to avoid putting my name down for a Series X. Praying that work is hectic tomorrow.


Who here actually believes that Bethesda will be releasing Starfield, Elder Scrolls VI and a new Fallout game this coming generation?

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So I doubt I will have money for the next gen consoles, but one thing I will say is that I kinda really want to have that optical drive if I did get one. These days, most laptops (including my gaming laptop) don’t come with an optical drive and some that allow customization don’t even have the option to add one (as was the case with mine). Not only can I not listen to all my CDs, watch DVDs, or Blu-Rays but also can’t download software from a disc in situations where I can’t connect to the Internet (admittedly rare).

Thing is, I’m not entirely convinced the Xbox Series X would the one I’d get for that. There are a lot of games I’d love to play on the Xbox, but nothing that’s been announced upcoming. I want to play games that have been out (I’d like to revisit the Halo series because nostalgia is powerful emotion). Everything I want to play that might benefit from the small increase in performance that comes with the optical drive-inclusive version is for Playstation.

So if I were to get an Xbox Series console, it’d probably be the S. But I’m not, because consoles are too expensive and I can barely afford games for my PC on sale.


Starfield, yes. That’s been in development for like over three years.

ES6? Maybe late generation?

Fallout, I don’t think they’re gonna touch for a while unless Obsidian takes over using the FO4 engine.

Depends on how you define “generation”. I suspect the Series line will be an ongoing upgraded generation with no clear delineation between boxes, similar to phones nowadays. So if we’re talking in that expansive definition, then sure, all three could come out in the generation.

I think that Obsidian working on a new Fallout game is pretty slim, and even if they did, I suspect it would be more Outer Worlds than Fallout New Vegas.

Same. I wish they’d be open to more spin off projects, because New Vegas was that and it came out amazing.

I do think most of the Bethesda RPGs have been subject to the rule of diminishing returns since Skyrim. Granted that just includes the last two fallout games, but if they screwed up the next big game like they did with 76 it would be a problem. I’m not suprised that they got snapped up, however I am amazed that the buyout includes Id and Arkane, whose games I’ve unilaterally loved across the board. I’m just hoping that they remain ‘PC’ games, because the difference of Doom Eternal between PC and Xbox was night and day for me.

I’m in no rush to get a new console on launch day, but I am leaning towards an X series, just for it to be my 4k game pass machine. I’m assuming Wolfenstein 3 will be the first big release under MS next year?

Begun this console war has.

I think it’s pretty much guaranteed that Bethesda is not going to be prevented from designing games for PC. Xbox’s two biggest exclusives this year (Gears Tactics and Flight Simulator) both came out for PC first, and they have Age of Empires IV in the pipeline, for example. They might be compelled to make an Xbox port for their games, but Bethesda would have done that regardless of whether they got bought or not.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re allowed to port to PS4, though certainly with timed exclusivity for either Xbox or PC.

Sony rubbed MS’s nose in the Consumer Friendly™ We’re The Better People message early last gen, MS’s whole brand shifted to “we’re the better people look how open we are”, so netting even more money from this disney-ass deal by just having Bethesda publish everywhere* would still be a huge win and wholly on-brand.

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I think it’s going to make more and more business sense for Microsoft to start porting games to PS4/PS5. It’s not really going to hurt Game Pass, as the people willing to shell out full price to own the next Halo or Doom have already made up their mind. And it benefits the games themselves. Forza on its own is cool, but Forza with your Playstation owning friends? That’s even better.

It might not happen right away, as Microsoft is interesting in growing Game Pass in the short term, but I fully expect in the next few years we’ll be seeing Microsoft first party on Sony platforms. Bethesda just may be the canary in that coal mine.

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Provided there isn’t a dramatic downturn in subscriber counts (reported numbers are unreliable since they’ve been giving away a lot of months), selling these boxes is a formality for them in a way that it just isn’t for Sony. Letting Bethesda publish on PS5 will probably not hurt their ultimate goal of pushing services over boxes.