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Hey all! As far as I can tell, we actually don’t have an active thread for promoting our own video or steaming channels. Feel free to post here about your videos/channel/streaming plans. Repeat posting is allowed too, just use your judgement about posting for a new series/game, rather than replying every time you post a new video or start a new stream.

Myself, I’ve decided to started doing Visual Novel let’s plays. Currently I’m playing through Heaven Will Be Mine and it’s damn good. Queer and mechs is a match made in heaven. I read all the narration and dialog out loud for people who aren’t paying full attention.


I’m a nonbinary cat vtuber streaming a variety of games, recently I streamed the entirety of Nier: Replicant ver.122etc and am also working on playing through the Soulsborne series and finishing a full playthrough of Danganronpa 2.
I have kind of a fast and loose stream schedule but I promote on twitter and discord when I go live.

And a link to the Twitch!
Edit: I lost all my VoDs due to a Twitch interface mishap and it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting them back sooo sorry if you wanted to see those playthroughs :pensive:


Haven’t caught any of your streams live, but I have started watching your Nier archives. It’s a nice chill game while I’m working. I’m going so slow though I just finished the first one, I hopefully won’t get outpaced by the archives disappearing hahah.

I know the broad strokes of the game so I’m looking forward to seeing your reaction to the rest of it. :smiley:


Thank you, Nier was a ride and I enjoyed it quite a bit! (skipped streaming route C till the end tho because it was so repetitive)
I highlight the vods so they don’t go away, that’s been a frustration point with twitch where they used to keep them for way longer…

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It’s tempting to post some of the old stuff I edited (currently unlisted on a channel I killed for… reasons) while I toy with the idea of starting back up one of these days.

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This was fun and kinda difficult to edit with the proximity chat syncing.

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I finished Heaven Will Be Mine (which was very good) and I started a new let’s play, one that will take me years to complete. If you always wanted to check out Umineko but unlike me did not want to sink your time into it, here’s your shortcut!

Here’s the playlist link. One episode is up at the moment (as well as a part 00 to talk about the LP and game as a whole).

It’s a replay for me but it’ll be spoiler free. There’s going to be entirely separate videos where I put all my spoiler thoughts updated on Fridays when I have enough for a full video.

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