Lets complain about our favorite games

I think often when we talk about our favorite games, its to convince people ‘hey play this’ but often times we don’t get time to sit down and really talk critically about them. So I figured this would be a fun way to pass the time.

I’ll go first.

The wonderful 101

TWOW1 is possibly the best action game I’ve ever played, and is my favorite game of all time…however its got its problems.

One of the worst things about it is how long it takes for the combat system to really click. Its odd mechanics of constantly having to redraw your formation, eventually using the stick since its more reliable to switch from, can become a hassle when drawing the more obtuse shapes like the hammer or bomb.

Not to mention the weird sexism on display with one character constantly poorly flirting or insulting the main lady character. As well as her odd obsession with the main rival.

While most of the writing is pretty entertaining and good the parts revolving around those two tends to be frustrating and tarnishes what is otherwise for me a nearly perfect game.

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XCOM 2 does a terrible job of properly conveying information that is vital. You have to install mods to add back the F1 menu from the previous game for example. This is a menu you relied on to explain not only an enemies loadout but your own as well.

Watching someone play a vanilla run such as Austin and Rob’s brings to light a lot of these UI issues.

Also the game runs like garbage honestly for what it is. A gtx970 should not be struggling and the idea that the expansion got performance patches that never made it back to the base game really sucks.

I loved Long War 2 but after playing a ton of WotC I can’t go back because the game runs like swimming through peanut butter.


While it’s not my favourite game or even near the top ten I sure did play a lot of Rocket League this year and boy do I have a big complaint. They added a club system in the summer and it’s being heavily used by white supremacists for recruitment. You can’t play two games without playing someone from the [JEWS], [NAZI], [MAGA] or [KKK] clubs.

Even worse is that reporting them seems very ineffective. You will come across parties where one of the members have their tag starred out like [****] but you can tell they are in the same club as their [NAZI] teammates because when the whole team is in the same club the team name changes from Orange or Blue to Trump Youth or whatever they’re calling their racist club. So that means people reported the guy for an offensive club tag, but the club wasn’t disbanded and not all club members had their tag starred out, only the reported individual did. It’s such half assed moderation.


FEZ is still a buggy game in ways that aren’t intentionally designed.

The only way to enjoy the full experience is to keep a notebook or FAQ nearby to translate the replacement cypher.

It remains to this day my absolute favourite game of all time.


Ogre Battle 64 is bad because it is only on the 64. Same for Paper Mario: TTYD, but Gamecube.

I gotta talk about Escape From Tarkov even though it might fall on deaf ears.

They know how to cut a nice trailer

I can’t say that there’s any game in the market that delivers on what they’re doing, but my biggest gripe has to be a combination of their recent controversy and general anti-consumer attitude (They’re very much “WE MAKE HARDCORE GAMES FOR THE HARDCORE”) along with the toxic player base got me to uninstall the game until they get out of beta(whenever that would be)
It sucks and that’s compounded by there not being a good alternative right now.


Man, the Hotline Miami series are probably some of my favorite games ever, but I am deeply uneasy about the whole Tarantino-like, Rockstar-like, edgy, “isn’t-the-real-world-so-violent-and-terrible” vibe that comes off from it sometimes.

I don’t know much of that has to do with the text itself and how much it has to do with the kind of people who like this kind of thing, though. There’s a decent chance it’s the latter.


Maybe they patched something into the PC/console versions (I only played it on the DS), but Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes desperately needs some accessibility options (specifically a color-blind mode). I have pretty good color vision, and even I sometimes had trouble with some of the factions’ color schemes.

These are 2 of the more easily distinguishable factions in that screenshot. The units for Necropolis (the undead faction, naturally) are all blue, bluish green, or bluish purple. It’s a nightmare.

One other game, Diablo 3, has the “Witch Doctor” that mechanically is a fun class (it’s pretty much a variant of the Necromancer class) but aesthetically and thematically is a capital p Problem.


Healing your wounds in MGS3 was really tedious, even if you didn’t actually have to do it that much.


The silhouettes are more varied in the HD “remake” of Clash of Heroes, but I honestly can’t say if there are more accessible colour schemes.

Another one of my favourite games!


Removing speed differences from locomotives in Sunless Skies was a mistake

The Gran Turismo series has never had good engine sounds

European Truck Simulator 2 needs an internal podcast app

I… actually wish they would have leaned into that more.

Though I also wish they would have made it more interesting, maybe some additional problem-solving aspect to it? I heard a great suggestion in a video review (Matthewmatosis) that perhaps Snake shouldn’t have been able to heal himself during boss (or any) battles, so he would have to deal with any injuries he incurs while in battle.

But I do actually enjoy the wound, hunger, cameo, and inventory management systems of MGS3. I understand why they aren’t as well regarded, but they added a lot of value to me.