Let's discuss/post/enjoy some metal

Ok, So I’ve tried to find a place to discuss metal on the internet in a way that evolves beyond just grunting “Slayer rules/sucks” in unison for close to a decade and I figured that this is as good an opportunity as any to take matters into my own hands and create a thread for posting/discussing/enjoying metal (hence the title).

So come on in, weary traveller! rest your battle axe against the nearest throne made out of skulls, mind the pointy band logos on the wall, and enjoy some civilized, critical but not overly serious discussions while banging your head to your favorite genre of music on the planet.

I might as well kick off the discussion by bringing up a record I recently came upon called “Dashavatar” by an Indian melodic death band called demonic ressurection.:

The record intrigued me because it centers around hinduism and Indian mythology while incorporating instruments normally used in Indian folk music like Sitar and Tabla. I’m a sucker for concept albums like this and it reminded me of the Orphaned Land record “Mabool” that dealed with similar religious themes. The music on Dashavatar is a good deal more aggressive than Orphaned Lands and maybe not as varied but fuck me if it isn’t still a great record.

What are some of your recent favorites?


I’ve kind of dropped off a lot of metal over they ears, but dip the toe now and again.

Mindsnare are a seminal Australian metal/hardcore band. The best gigs ever and Bulldozed is the best song ever, shut up you’re WRONG.

Fuck, that is actually pretty killer. that breakdown in Winter is so filthy, holy shit!

I’m a massive thrash fan but I’ve kinda grown tired of the genre over the years as it all just became too formulaic for my tastes and it just didn’t seem to encompass the aggression and chaos anymore. I became really captured by grind and hardcore at that point because it seemed like such a focused and more economical approach to music and song writing. They don’t put 2 minute long intros in front of their songs because why the fuck would you? If you’re going to kick me in the balls don’t spend 5 minutes meassuring up your run and checking the wether conditions. Just get in, get out, and leave the room middle fingers flying.

that shit right there, that’s a kick in the balls.

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Fuckin’ thrash intros, man. The tech thrash bands (Coroner, Hightower, etc) were really bad about this.

I still listen to a ton of metal but I have less time now to keep up with new releases, so I’ll keep an eye on this thread.

Speaking of songs with long intros: Last thing I listened to was Heathen - The Evolution of Chaos, because I adore Lee Altus.

It’s just so stupid. LIke, you’re writing music that is highly aggressive meant to get people stirring. Why in the world would you want go over the main riff 20 times before kicking in to the first verse? I get that genres have to evolve but seriously, can’t we all just come together and agree that this is a bad 99% of the time and start to treat it as such? Just because metallica got away with it in the 80’s doesn’t mean anyone can. Shit, Metallica got away with acoustic intros as well, you don’t hear people doing that sti- OH WAIT, YOU TOTALLY DO! STOP IT!

Shit, I haven’t listened to Heathen in ages, thanks for bringing those guys up.

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Nice suggestions! I really like the Heathen track! I’m honestly newer to the Metal scene, but I love Mastodon and Red Fang, for the slower more stoner/sludge metal sound. Recently I watched a stream by the Rocksmith guys where one of their people went into a giant breakdown of different Metal Sub-genres and gave a bunch of examples for each. Particularly I came away with Dark Quarterer as something that fit the bill, but everything I’ve listened to has been solid. I’d give it a watch if you have the time:

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This is a total no-brainer for established metal fans, but if you like slower stoner/sludge and you’re new Sleep - Dopesmoker is basically required listening. It takes those genres and goes to a really awesome droney place that shouldn’t work at all but totally does.


I’m gonna jump on the sludge train and recommend Dopethrone for just being absolutely filthy in every sense of the word. You can literally hear the swamp ooze dripping off the guitars.

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This is sick. Also laughing at a band naming themselves after Electric Wizard.

Might as well post the original cause why not. The best song from Dopethrone!


Yes! Dopesmoker is one I heard early on, and it’s really good. Definitely too good for what it is. I definitely throw it on for a good background music while working from time to time. Giving Dopethrone a listen now and the ooze is almost palpable. The best kind of ooze.

Don’t know if I’ll stick around in this thread that much because from my experience most metal discussion online either focusses around “the classics” or the Most Extreme of The Extremest Metal neither of which are particularly my vibe (not to say I hate the classics).

I’m a big, big prog metal fan, my fave bands being Tesseract and Protest the Hero - but a band I’ve really come to love lately and feel are greatly underappreciated are The Great Discord.

I love their whole vibe and I’m always a slut for a female-fronted metal band.


good on everyone for taking this thread to doom territory. Blood Ceremony played one of the closing shows at the Silver Dollar this weekend and they are g o o d stuff.

Thrones should get more play too

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if you’re new to the scene you’d probably dig Baroness @slade one of my favourites from 2015


I love Devin Townsend so much. His ability to mix aggressive, super heavy metal, with orchestral prog is second to none.

This is a great–but by no means the only–example:

He’s also just hilarious.

I get where you are coming from in terms of metal discussions online, it is damn near impossible to find a place with worthwhile debate on contemporary music in the genre. Everywhere I’ve gone it’s either been too poorly populated to have diverse discussions or too many too get any coherent opinion across. by that point it’s just a bunch of shitposting and memes that amount to little else than guttural noises and shrieking loudly while pointing and jumping up and down. I hope this thread will be able to hit the sweetspot in the middle all the while offering interesting discussion on any kind of metal out there, not just old school death metal :slight_smile: except for screamo crunk, fuck that shit.

I think the best way to avoid elitist snobbery is to post embarrassing confessions I’ll regret later.

-I think Avenged Sevenfold - City of Evil is a fantastically fun album.
-I still listen to Dragonforce’s back catalog on the regular. The Power Within almost made my top 10 albums of 2012.

I had a year in my early teens where I unironically enjoyed and exclusively listened to 80’s glam metal. A full year where my my most listened to song was Six Guns Loaded by Britny Fox and my favorite record was Cherry Pie by Warrant. In retrospect I have no idea what the fuck I was doing. Completely agree on City Of Evil btw, that record is just pure fun.

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man I just could not dig on Purple

Red and Blue are two of my favorite albums ever, and Yellow/Green has a few great moments, but Purple only had like two songs that scratched the itch for me

I liked Purple more than Yellow/Green but neither approached the majesty that is Blue.

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so a few weekends ago I ran a metal showcase for a small Virginia festival called MACRock. deliberately booked it so the showcase made a smooth transition from doomy to sludgy to thrashy to blackened, and held it at an outdoor loading dock for one of the local breweries. sounded awesome, peak capacity was ~140 people, and the brewery loved having us. every band fucking ripped, too

I particularly recommend Sire, Unsacred, and Hoboknife from the blackened/thrash-y end of the night