Let's discuss/post/enjoy some metal


'K so I’ve heard them before, but didn’t make much of it. I hate when I do that.

Now I’m addicted. @_@


there’s an episode of Song Exploder about those songs that’s pretty good, too


Noyce, thanks for that! ^-^


No. Power Metal functions largely under the songwriting tropes of pop rock songs.

“THE THINKING MAN’S METAL” is integrating unpopular and experimental structures into songs.

I’d suggest SOILENT GREEN as an underappreciated mix of technical aptitude and grooviness, death metal and sludge



For folks who like Sargeist and Immortal, here is Spectral Wound. Three of my good friends are in this band and they are starting to get good traction and I’m a huge fan.




Myrkur and Chelsea Wolfe doing a pseudo acoustic version of funeral.

This version isn’t super metal, but Myrkur’s new album is nuts


Chelsea Wolfe’s new album that came out last week, Hiss Spun, is also very good and one of her heaviest.


Yes it’s excellent!


whats. whats the feeling on the new black dahlia murder album

i’m listening to it atm and it Sure Is A Black Dahlia Album but also a lil juvenile part of me kind of really needed exactly that thing right now u know


Melodic death metal is such a juvenile genre to begin with so it’s great when bands actually steer into it, instead of being all self serious about it.

Speaking of things that are wonderful: Here’s some brandspanking new old sounding doom for y’all


A bit of an aside, but I got to see Wolves in the Throne Room and Thou last Friday! My ears are still ringing, but damn it was great show. I’m absolutely in love with Thrice Woven now.


I’m not even a little bit envy.


I’m back and the thread hasn’t turned into a power metal thread??? That’s wild

What about Uncle Acid? The late 60s California serial killer cult aesthetic is very good, if a little bit odd for an English band.


there’s a surprising number of english bands that do the Late 60s American Stoner Metal thing, electric wizard and the wytches spring to mind also

i couldnt even begin to hazard a guess as to why its such a popular thing in the UK other than, idk, i guess it kinda has a lineage w black sabbath?


If you’re looking for 60s psychedelic metal, I suppose King Gizz would do fine.

Though not all of their stuff is as heavy as this, but I would check out the albums Nonagon Infinity and Murder of the Universe (which that linked song is from).


I saw them last week as well. Just curiously, how was the volume? For Pillorian it was fine but then it felt like WITTR cranked it up to 15. First time I’ve ever felt a show was actually TOO loud.


Yeah, it was definitely really effing loud. I was experiencing that “washed out” effect when it’s too loud.

It’s weird because I saw them last year in a smaller venue and didn’t have that issue. I guess someone left their amp at 11 for this tour.


Been listening to a lot of Immolation’s most recent album Atonement . It has a catchiness to it without sacrificing any of their ferocity. With time it could bemy favourite of theirs.