Let's discuss/post/enjoy some metal


Glad I’m not the only one!

Recently discovered that Falls of Rauros is coming to my town. I’ve really been enjoying stuff in the atmospheric black metal genre for the past year or so, might have to check them out.


New Godflesh! happy halloween :jack_o_lantern:


I’ve been listening to Polyphia’s “The Most Hated” a LOT since it came out. Not what you’d describe as heavy, it’s very much pop/rap influenced. But still dope af:


That is something else! not a big fan of the electronic bent generally, but it’s definitely something different and the guitar work is incredible.



it also reminded me to listen to A World Lit Only By Fire again bc i dont think i’d given that a listen since it came out? its good. godflesh are good. dang.


I’ve been rocking the new Trivium album, “The Sin and the Sentence”, and can vouch for its quality. Maybe only two songs I don’t care for.

I’d most recommend “The Wretchedness Inside” & “Beyond Oblivion” from the album.



As much as I enjoyed that album, I liked the EP they released that same year (2014) much better. It is called “Decline and Fall” and I highly recommend it.


I haven’t really enjoyed any Trivium outside of Shogun, which I did think was awesome. I do wish they would go back to something like that, though I’m not sure what exactly that is, haha.


How about some Sylosis, for whatever reason I have been listening to Edge of the Earth today:


The second song on Shogun (I’m terrible with song names) was my theme song for like a year, that was a really good album.


“Torn Between Scylla and Carybdis” yeah, that’s my favorite as well! That whole record is just jam packed with great guitar work. It was so unapologetically flashy and over the top and everything about it was just, like, big! Big long songs, big guitar solos, everything is about fucking Samurais and greek mythology and war, like it’s as if they talked to their 7 year old nephew about what they should write about and he just talked about cool shit for 60 straight minutes.


How about Bloodstar? They’re a Swiss group from the late-80s-early-90s that’s a weird mix of thrash, industrial, and electronica. Picked up a cassette of their self-titled a few weeks ago and fell in love with their sound. They only had two albums and an unreleased EP, and that’s kind of a shame!


I’m about to make a big leap here, but super compressed guitars makes me think of black metal. I kind of think I actually like this “Wasteland” track from Bloodstar, never heard this before.


Speaking of black metal, I’ve spent the last hour looking for Summoning’s “Where Hope and Daylight Die”. I think they removed their best stuff from youtube. Probably for the best, I doubt there are many fans of that type of metal.


Wow that’s super rad, I’m def going to listen to some more of this. They have a bit of a Ministry thing going on.


It seems Napalm records have their artists’ work on lockdown. https://soundcloud.com/napalmrecords/summoning-old-mornings-dawn

Edit: Summoning rules


I saw these guys live a few years ago. I thought they were rad. I really need to check out their stuff!

@Lassemomme, understandable, I’m a very surface level Trivium fan. I was drawn in by some songs from “Vengeance Falls”, came on board in time for Silence in the Snow, then decided to pick up this album as well. So, I’m more adjusted to their current sound, which I find a lot of value in, personally. This album is definitely heavier and involves more screaming than Silence. I haven’t listened to all of Shogun, so I can’t quite compare to that one (I only know Kiruste Gomen).


The new Mastodon is totally killer.

The documentary is really great too. I’ve been a fan for a long time, but I admire them so much more now after watching it.


Some Black Metal I’ve been enjoying recently.

Also if anyone has any recommendations on good BM bands with lyrical themes about mainly mysticism and spirituality I’m interested in that. That might be too broad of a request though.

EDIT: Discovered some great Black Metal recently. This Death Fetishist album is amazing. I love the production and the guitar work. Just great all around.

Also been listening to a lot of Paysage d’Hiver recently. I love the self-titled demo and Das Tor a lot but I also started to listen to Kristall & isa and really like it. The muddled sound of this demo might not be to everyone’s tastes, but there is just something about Tobias Möckl’s composing that is so alluring. It’s so otherworldly and cold and just… menacing. I can’t put my words on it but I love it for sure.


I just bought this record today and couldn’t wait to post about it here. YT//ST really changed their sound over the years and this new album is a lot more heavy metal than their previous more progressive material. I can hear some Iron Maiden, Deep Purple and Celtic Frost sounds in there and I’m super excited about it.