Let's discuss/post/enjoy some metal


Hello, I’m very excited about the upcoming Tesseract album.


Machine Head have been doing really well recently. Blood and Diamonds was a masterpiece and their latest is also really good. Too bad I won’t buy it 'cause Rob Flynn had to drag a writer for giving him a negative review like some GG shitlord. But it’s still well worth a listen.


New Sleep! Released on April 20th of course…

Stoner rock and doom metal are all the rage right now, and have been for a while… and I’m a little exhausted of it but I can’t turn away from a new Sleep record.

Edit: didn’t notice this was already posted in the New Music 2018 thread, sorry for the double post!


I didn’t know there was a metal discussion here. I’m know I’m going to be posting in here a lot!

I’ve been having trouble trying to get into current metal bands. I started listening to metal when I was 15 and my gateway genre was the early 90s alternative metal scene (bands like Faith No More, Helmet, Primus, etc.), which is kind of a dead genre at this point. So I was a little bit disappointed that the modern metal bands didn’t sound much like the bands that got me into metal.

I’ve been refining my tastes and grown to enjoy a lot more metalcore and death metal albums. Two albums I’ve really enjoyed recently are the two latest Converge albums “All We Love We Leave Behind” and “The Dusk In Us”.


This song fucking slaps! I like quite Dream Theater and I really loved Awake, but they can be overly cheesy and sometimes obnoxiously noodly. This song has just the right amount of cheese and self-indulgence to be one of their best and most purely fun songs. It sounds like it was just as much fun to write and perform as it is to listen to.


Anyone been listening to the new The Body? The whole album is fantastic imo but this track in particular is wild https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3EAujCdfJ4


Dream Theater aren’t my favorite band, but they’re probably the most consistently enjoyable metal band out there. I can’t think of a single weak album in their history.

Shame they’re such friggin’ Zionists


I didn’t know about that but I did see something about how John Pertucci could see Trump doing some good for America.


This is pretty neat. Drone-ish stuff like this isn’t really my thing but I could see myself getting into this.


hi I assume this will get me b& but I just saw BABYMETAL in concert and they were pretty cool

thanks for readin my post


Babymetal Is Good.


Can’t hate on babymetal. It’s not my jam but happy metal needs to be more okay than it is.

Edit: Also as a way of taking my mind off the buttwhooping my Cavaliers received last night and the general shittyness of the world right now, I decided to dive into some new music and stumbled upon British prog. stoners Boss Keloid. Those guys are dope


I’m in no way qualified to make suggestions in this thread as I haven’t done a deep dive into metal in years, but I just wanted to thank everyone here for all the awesome recommendations and videos. I feel almost like I know something about metal again!


Ever listened to …And Justice For All and thought, man, what if this mix was good? Well, look no further:


Jason Newsted is super underrated. He was never going to live up to Cliff but he really holds his own. He did not deserve to be buried in the …And Justice for All mix. Also I didn’t know Jason played Wal Basses, that’s so cool!


hot take: The bassists have always been the best musicians in metallica.


YESSSSS i’ve been looking forward to this album for a while, this might be my favorite release of theirs yet. kristin hayter’s guest vocals really take it to the next level imo (i kinda wish she would be their permanent vocalist but oh well)


Saw this thread and didn’t see anybody here mention Power Trip, some of the best thrash metal I’ve ever heard. Their aesthetic is both ridiculous and awesome.


Power Trip are so friggin’ good. One of the best albums of 2017. The lead singer, Riley Gale, also did a fantastic interview with hardcore band Primal Rite’s Lucy Xavier.


Power Trip are so friggin’ cash. Of all the revival thrash bands that lean on the old school sound I feel like they are probably the best of 'em.