Let's discuss/post/enjoy some metal


I feel like I should listen to Living Colour more. Some of their songs are pretty dated, but man there were some great stuff on those first two albums.


Hey, so this thread has really gotten me back into metal for the first time in a long time and I’m hoping for even more recommendations! I feel like the thing I’m really digging right now is the progressive stuff with mostly cleaner vocals…favorites from this thread have been Caligula’s Horse, Tesseract, The Great Discord, Protest the Hero, and Boss Keloid. I’ve also been a big Mastodon fan for a long time if that helps. Anything you can throw my way along these lines would be hugely appreciated…

Thanks so much!


Hell yeah Living Color. Go Away has to be one of my absolute favorite songs.


Caligula’s Horse are really good. When I was in high school I was trying to expand my metal horizons and my art teacher recommended that I listen to them. He was absolutely right about them!


You might like:

Dear Apollo

Red Handed Denial

Thank You Scientist


These are fantastic, thank you!


My buddy suggested Tribulation to me last week and I’ve been hooked.

Lament - Tribulation


I just listened to this track from the upcoming Imperial Triumphant album coming out mid-July, and I never thought I would ever think “awesome horn section” about a metal riff? It sounds so… opulent!


I’m going to the Primus/Mastodon concert in Boston tomorrow, so here are some of their songs:


God, that sounds like a kick ass show. Having seen Mastodon live as well as Les Claypool with his accoustic project I’d say you’re in for a hell of a show but you probably already knew that.

Also, Les Claypools Duo De Twang is legitimately brilliant.


Ok, we get it: you like Blasphemy too
An Angel of Doom can only fall so many times
Before it’s just an obvious balance issue


This early 2000’s german Nu-metal version of Take on me is better than that one in every way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtJH2bMesfc (but still quite bad) :smiley:


And not that we were talking about it recently, but these guys do genuinely great heavy covers of pop songs (Zayn, The Weekend, etc) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5I4fVBsl3pI




i dont normally care about thrash but i have a bit of a soft spot for nervosa and somehow missed their new album this month


To expand on the thrash genre, this band from Boston was recently featured on Radio Fenriz #44 and I really dig it. It has a Sacrilege (UK) sound that I like.


How are people feeling about the new Zeal & Ardor? I haven’t heard many people talking about it.


I utterly fucking love it, personally. From genre perspective I think it’s one of the most innovative and interesting extreme metal albums to come out in years, but even more importantly I think the fact that it’s a deeply socially conscious record and that it doesn’t shy away from that makes it a tremendously important project for metal in general.

Metal is such a… difficult genre to navigate and talk about in relation to social issues because, while there has definitely been examples where it was socially conscious in spots (war pigs by black sabbath is an obvious one) there has always been so much baggage going along with it, especially in regards to black metal. The way Z&A takes the prime motivation behind the first wave of norwegian black metal, the forced christianization of the north, and contextualizes it with the forced christianization of African slaves is not just smart, but the fact that they commit to that premise as hard as they do and accept and even welcome parallels to present day racial issues is kinda unheard of in metal today, I think.

stranger fruit along with High Tensions the Purge are my two favorite metal records of the year so far for that very reason. Having the guts to speak with conviction on a complicated and uncomfortable subject in a genre that so rarely takes those kinds of chances is just so gratifying and uplifting to me.


Just seen this thread, new metal to try! I have not kept up with metal music like I used to (I think today was the first time I heard any Ghost after hearing them talked about in many places…they seemed ok).

I like when Jamie Lenman does his metal stuff, usually gets his more melodic teeth in too. This features Justine from Employed to Serve who are very good too!

MØL are very good too, got that blackgaze sound that people seem to love or hate. I really like it!

I need to get back to it, but the new Rolo Tomassi was very good too!

Other random suggestions: Svalbard and Alcest.


Svalbard and Alcest are very good!

Ghost is one of those bands that I don’t listen to very much, but I’d love to see them live again. Their music is very much OK to me, but the presentation is pretty impressive. I’m still not sure how I feel about how the band basically broke up over pay disputes though.