Let's discuss/post/enjoy some metal


30 years today!


Love me some pirate metal… Fun Fact: this song is literally about a bar that used to exist in my hometown!


I really like Powerwolf because they committed so hard to this weird “werewolf-priest” theme. It’s completely insane and I’m all about it.


Yob- “Our Raw Heart”

I really like the new Yob song, and knowing what Mike went through with his illness just to still be here makes it all the more emotional.

Internal Suffering- “Unleash the Antarctic Colossus”

Internal Suffering released one of my favorite death metal records of the last few years. It’s blasting, techy, ‘At the Mountains of Madness’ inspired fun.

Endon- “Your Ghost is Dead”

Endon makes Discordance Axis-indebted, post-grindcore with an emotional, maximalist sound that feels like it could score an existential cyberpunk anime.

Windhand- “Two Urns”

Windhand consistently releases some of the most interesting and diverse doom/stoner metal out there.

Closet Witch- “Blood Orange”

The new Closet Witch album is extremely good. They make grindcore with a lot of influence from crust and screamo, which makes for a very emotionally intense listen that will appeal to fans of Cloud Rat and Transient.

Tomb Mold- “Abysswalker”

This new Tomb Mold is excellent, ripping death metal that strikes a perfect balance between technicality and classic death metal rot. Bonus points for them (and Infernal Suffering!) having some color on their album covers.


A friend of mine pointed me to The Dark Skies Above Us collective. They are made up of a large group of left-leaning metal, noise, and punk bands. Also their proceeds go to help support political actions, which is really cool (although I am not sure where those proceeds go for the actions that happened years ago).


Used to listen to this Brazilian Band, Sepultura a lot. They play with the low E string drop tuned half a step. I don’t why other than maybe they couldn’t afford a seven string when they started and it sounds heavy as shit. Never heard anyone else do this. It’s surprising how well traditional Brazilian beats go with metal.

The lyrics of this one translate to,

Ghetto, garage, slum
Nasty, shack, outskirts
Shack, outskirts, nasty
Slum, garage, ghetto

Acoustic song, where you can hear the drop tune,


Sepultura are one of the best. Chaos A.D. is still one of the most relevant metal albums today.


Got to see Max Cavalera play in my tiny-ass hometown (as Soulfly, not Sepultura, unfortunately) about twenty years ago. That was an amazing show. During one of the songs they all dropped their instruments and started pounding on drums. One of the coolest concerts I’ve ever been to.

P.S. Max played the entire show without a high E string on his guitar. lol

EDIT: Chaos AD is so good

wait what


holy shit… I just realized that Vinny from GB’s son is a quick “R,V,L” shuffle away from being named Max Cavalera.


I think the new Aura Noir album is really good, I missed its release back in April. Black and roll or black thrash as they call it is extremely my shit. Blackened everything please. The instrumental outro is fantastic.


This is out today. I absolutely love the aesthetic of this record! Lots of jazz influence, a challenging listen but I can still find plenty of catchier riffs to bob my head to.


Holy shit, yes! I was just thinking about Imperial Triumphant and that brain shattering banjo interlude on their last record. God, this is great.


I just came back from a concert featuring Slayer, Lamb of God, Anthrax, Testament, and Napalm Death. I went into ND completely blind, and after listening to them live, I really want to go deep into their discography. Barney fucking howled his heart out, the band fuckin ruled!


ICYDK they’re pretty much the original grindcore band, and introduced more death metal into their sound moving into the early 90s. Their most recent album is :fire::fire::fire:


Sounds similar to later Deathspell Omega or Plebeian Grandstand, I like it. Anyone know of similar sounding sort of dissonant Avant-Garde Black Metal?

Ive been listening to this quite a bit. Very straight forward Death Metal.


Wow Noose Rot is great, thanks for the recommendation. I’m glad that you mention Plebeian Grandstand! I started listening to them when they were more hardcore than black metal and I’ve always enjoyed them. As for your question, a couple of bands come to mind like Altar of Plagues, Impetuous Ritual, maybe Aevangelist? Locrian, Krallice, and perhaps Portal of course.


I just got into Portal with their latest album ION, amazing stuff. I especially love the sound of the vocalist.
Aevangelist sounds like it might be up my alley, thanks for that rec!


In case anyone missed this, the new Thou album “Magus” was released last friday.

Quite frankly I think it’s my favourite to date. The production and sound is definitely their best, and the lyrical themes they address is exactly what I want to hear in music right now.


It still cracks me up that Thou is relatively well-known (they’re mostly from my hometown).

I’m really looking forward to the LP they’re doing with RAGANA later this month.


I think I listened to this bands debut album some time ago and never got into it, but I just now discovered their latest album from last year and I’m hooked.