Let's discuss/post/enjoy some metal


The metal thread is due a good kick in the ass, I reckon.

I’ve been catching up on metal releases from this year, after spending most of my time listening to Rap and wouldn’t you know, there’s actually been quite a bit of good albums released this year!

First up is Italian Doom savants Messa with they Sophomore cut “Feast For Water”. Their 2016 debut “Belfry” was a hauntingly beautiful and crushingly heavy like a sad spectral Rhino and the follow up is even cooler. The vocals are still soaring and aetherial and beautifully compliments the instrumentation which this time around has begun leaning in to a more Jazzy sound. It’s all really fucking good but “The Seer” is a personal favorite of mine.

Next we have Slugdge, who are ostensibly a joke band but their music is so good that nobody’s laughing any more. Thematically centering around interdimensional slug overlords and their wicked ways, Slugdge has conjured up a deviously sinister blend of black metal, death metal, prog and sludge that shocks and delights at every turn. Their latest album “Esoteric Malecology” is their most polished release to date and sounds like a band that are perfectly at ease with becoming a true powerhouse.

Then we have High Tension with probably the most surprising record I’ve heard this entire year in “Purge”. Built as a concept album about the internal strife of lead singer Karina Utomos home country of Indonesia, “Purge” is a cathartic release of bile and venom aimed at some of the worst parts of the human condition. It soars to the heavens with righteous indignation and wallows in despair, carried on the shoulders of Utomos herculean performance. In a year where Zeal and Ardors stranger fruit similarly tackled social issues “Purge” is a suitable counterpart; a blistering war cry aimed square at the jaw of todays society. It is a hell of a record and one that deserves to be recognized as such.


The Thou+Ragana split LP is out and it’s very good!


I was coming here to post this! I bought the album yesterday.


Just posting this particular song because it helped me get through a tough run last night.


It’s been a good month for doom/sludge releases, and it keeps going with this new one from Conan.


Two high profile releases today: Windhand’s “Eternal Return” and High On Fire’s “Electric Messiah”. Will give these two a thorough listen on the good old home audio system after work tonight!


Really liking this new EP from Kjeld. Short but sweet.

EDIT: Can recommend new EP “1997” by HYEMS. This is a nice little bonus track.


Time to resurrect this thread, if only cuz raising the dead is so fucking metal!

First, I have a doozy of a release I want to share with y’all: https://hatestormannihilation1.bandcamp.com/album/following-the-path-to-eternal-fire

Lots to unpack here:

  1. The band’s name is Hate Storm Annihilation. So utterly ridiculous, I’m both impressed and vicariously embarrassed.
  2. Those are some cheesy, longass song titles and longass songs!
  3. Boy look at that goofyass album art! Putting googly eyes on that face would be redundant!
  4. This was released on Halloween, which is totally (candy) corny.
  5. Hate Storm Annihilation.

…Anyway, now that I got that out of my system, the album itself is pretty good if you’re into death metal of the dark yet kinda technical variety. Reminds me a bit of later Morbid Angel and, amusingly enough, Hate Eternal. Some of the long tracks just feel like a couple songs filled into one track, but I had fun with this one.

I’ll put up some more stuff soon!


This is fucking great, thanks for sharing!

I haven’t listened to a lot of death metal this year outside of Hate Eternals stunning “Upon Desolate Sands” and Slugdge’s “Esoteric Malecology” though I guess there’s a debate to be had whether they fit into the Death Metal genre with how fucking weird they are. This really slaps though, there hasn’t been a lot of no nonsense death metal to grab my attention over the past few years, so it’s definitely a nice surprise and it’s very riff centric which is great!


Since we’re on a video game-related forum, I think I’ll bring a couple releases that are adjacent to video games without being super overbearing about it. No metal covers of video game soundtracks or anything like that, just some good metal by some good nerds:

Outer Heaven - Realms of Eternal Decay: https://outerheaven.bandcamp.com/album/realms-of-eternal-decay

This one is probably the least adjacent to video games, cuz outside of the band’s name I don’t really see anything related to MGS or any other franchise. Anyway, a lot of the popular death metal bands nowadays that aren’t tech death tend to fall into the old-school death metal aesthetic, so it’s nice that Outer Heaven floats above a lot of the rest due to sheer riff quality and great pacing throughout the album. Some of the riffs bear a sorta Demilich vibe, very groovy and kinda angular. I’m a bit particular about my OSDM given how same-y it can sound in a sub-genre that can already be same-y in general, but this one stands out in the current trend of crusty, mid-paced death metal.

Visigoth - Conqueror’s Oath: https://visigothofficial.bandcamp.com/album/conquerors-oath

Taking a break from death metal for the moment…Man this is a great band. While their first album is longer and more epic, this one’s got a lot more oomph to it in 2/3 of the time. The band photo on Metal Archives used to show one of the band members with a Song of Storms musical staff on his t-shirt, which is cute. The first track is also about The Witcher! Great album to sing along to when you want some of that meatier cheese you can only get from power metal-adjacent heavy metal.

Witch Mountain - S/T: https://witchmountain.bandcamp.com/album/witch-mountain

I only said a “couple” releases adjacent to video games, cuz I can’t forget to make room for this album. This is the band’s first full-length featuring their new vocalist, dancer/actor/singer triple-threat Kayla Dixon. Now, their former singer, Uta Plotkin, had one of the best clean vocals in all of metal IMHO. Hell her first name even means “song” in Japanese (probably a coincidence)! But Layla Dixon is right up with her; while Uta may have a bit more range, Layla makes up for it with more force and personality that strongly fits the particularly blues-y sound this stoner doom band brings. This album’s a bit short for doom, but they make every minute count.


A couple notes for now:

  1. So the cover art to that Visigoth album is quite pretty, and it’s always a very welcome sight to see a woman in metal album art who isn’t being exploited in some way. But…BUT, look at that horse for a moment:

What the ever-loving fuck is this horse doing?!?!? There’s no way the horse is staying upright for long like this, and it’s gonna fall into that fucking lake and fucking drown that poor lady, because her badass armor will only prove to be her fucking doom. I hate this horse. There’s a song on the album called “Traitor’s Gate” which is clearly about some human man but I like to think it’s about this horse. Awful, traitorous horse. Still a great album tho

  1. Shout-out to Kim Kelly’s To Hell and Back column on Noisey, whose politics and musical tastes line up quite well with mine (though I haven’t been in a punk/hardcore mood too much of the time, which she has been in for understandable reasons): https://noisey.vice.com/en_us/topic/to-hell-and-back

I’ll keep adding more to this thread at a hopefully-reasonable pace, cuz I can never shut up about music!


Since we’re talking video game adjacent metal i feel like I would be remis not to mention Swedish Tribulation’s record from this year “Down Below” and the song “Nightbound” which is probably the most Castlevania-ass song I’ve ever heard.

Tribulation generally sounds like Blue Oyster Cult if they were in a heinous car crash with the movie Nosferatu. They’re Ghost without all the marketing, pure and unadulterated vampire metal in all it’s stupid bloodthirsty glory.


Chapel of Disease - .​.​.​And As We Have Seen The Storm, We Have Embraced The Eye: https://chapelofdisease.bandcamp.com/

When looking for new metal to digest during the workweek, I tend to put on the back-burner more popular bands or bands that follow more popular sounds, just cuz I figure I can always check that shit out later…there are always more obscure, kvlt-yet-non-shady bands I’ve yet to discover in the meantime!

I’d seen Chapel of Disease described as death metal + 70s prog and classic rock, which just sounded like a cheesier Morbus Chron and/or Horrendous to me from that description alone. 70s-infused metal has become a little more popular thanks to Ghost, and for more extreme metal the two aforementioned bands…plus, these hybrids usually feel like they’re missing the essential “oomph” I’d normally get from either the metal or prog rock side, so it took some self-convincing to give their latest release a shot after seeing it on a few “top X” lists for 2018 metal albums.

…And hey, I gotta admit this slaps. The song structures and riffs definitely start from a prog rock basis, but the death vox (with some very reverb’d, way-in-the-back-and-all-shy-and-stuff clean vox in the penultimate track) and some of the more intense parts let you know that the metal sheen isn’t just surface-level either. Clocks in at a bit under 50 minutes with 6 tracks, just long enough for it to shine without overstaying its welcome.


Bumping this once more, this time with something more wholesome!

Inexorum - Lore of the Lakes: https://gileadmedia.bandcamp.com/album/lore-of-the-lakes

“Though under heavy burdens
You will struggle and emerge
Stronger than before
Find the truth within these words
No one fights alone”

That’s what I can make out from around the 4-minute mark of “Let Pain Be Your Guide”, the second track off this sublime melodic black/death metal album. This album was written after a lot of personal and medical struggles by the frontman; the title of that track actually came from his doctor " to use as a barometer for how to return to ‘normal." (http://www.invisibleoranges.com/inexorum-premiere/). The first track is also about his buds at a brewing company (incidentally one manned by the mastermind behind Panopticon). Great soundtrack for getting you through some tough shit and remembering that you’re not alone <3.


If no one has listened to Avatarium you should they are very good.


Yo this is awesome! I love the shifts in this song and the vocalist has a kickass voice.


So I got to see Russian Circles last night! They put on such an awesome show, especially considering it’s only three people.





I saw them support Mastodon just over a year ago and yeah they are great! When the songs finally took off it was so loud and heavy, a friend who came with us was blown away having never heard a note of them.


Oh my god, Friends, we have to talk about Asthma Castle and their record “Mount Crushmore” which comes out next week. It’s like a big, drunk, stoned, fuzzy grizzly bear and I can’t stop listening to it.


Asthma Castle is an amazing band name. Excited to give this a listen.