Let's discuss/post/enjoy some metal


This rocks! I love the name and their sound.


Reminds me of a more consistent High on Fire, nice!


Anybody around putting out music like old-school Cradle of Filth, symphonic black metal?


Maybe check out Hyperion? It’s a few years old by now but their 2016 record Seraphical Euphony is some pretty dang good melodic black metal or there’s early-ish Children Of Bodom, though I guess both of those are more technical than COF, and in the case of Bodom veer closer to the finnish melodeath style.


I’ve been rocking out to this for the past two weeks, some good punk infused black metal (think Venom and early Bathory) from Devil Master.


Oh my god, I want to marry that guitar tone! Holy shit, it’s such a Painkiller ass tone and I’m all here for it.


Ugh yes totally! It has that razor like sharpness, and that weeping goth/death rock tremolo thing going on… I can’t get enough of it. I’m supposed to see them live this Thursday!


That sounds awesome! I’ve been meaning to figure out how to make that exact guitar tone since I heard something similar on one of the solos in “Nightbound” by Tribulation last year, so if you get a chance to take a snap shot of the guitarists pedal set up, please feel free to do so :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll try to get a photo, but the internet tells me that the Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress flanger pedal is a popular ingredient in that goth/death rock sound.


Thanks, I’ll add that to the ever growing pile of effect pedals I will have to buy at some point some day!


The new Tyr album is out and its goof viking metal.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52GhQD0fW8s


I’m normally into punk/straight edge/hardcore music, but holy hell Panopticon is a great band.


Recently rediscovered this, Japan’s heavy music scene has always killed it and this is probably the best grind release of 2017.


Just stumbled across these guys, they’re from Ireland and I think they might have just beaten out Venom Prison, Fange and Altarage for my favorite Death Metal record of the year so far, which I honestly never thought was going to happen.


Just found out about these guys through Invisible Oranges. Real interesting, unique mix of prog death and a little tiny bit of atmospheric black metal, which makes sense given the band members. The last track alone is a definite metal highlight for me this month!



Holy shit, “Crux” is neck and neck with Empath for most fun metal release of the whole year so far.


Holy crap, I had listened to the couple songs they had out from this album before it was out, and really dug listening to the first album while I waited for this one. This release is even better, hooks and hooks and hooks for days!


It is so vibrant and colourful, it’s stunning. Awe At All Angles has been playing on repeat for 2 hours straight and I’m still not tired of it, and the rest of the album absolutely Knicks as well.


The chorus in that song alone is like my musical highlight of the last couple weeks!


It’s between that and “Genesis” off “Empath” by Devin Townsend for me. Like, Genesis is just this borderline overwhelming Wall of music that washes over every single synapse in your brain, it’s so fucking much… and on the other hand ”Awe” is just this deviously brilliant and catchy Math equation that is somehow more charming and ear infectious than any pop song I’ve heard all year.

March has kicked so much ass in terms of metal releases.