Let's discuss/post/enjoy some metal


Haven’t heard of any of those bands but Hoboknife is a great band name. almost up there with Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair.


I also wrote the metal band descriptions in the fest guide and Hoboknife’s was “Raucous and malicious, like an abyssal horror that knows how to party. It’ll steal your girl and then profane your churches. Blackened thrash from Richmond, VA”

their album art looks like this


See I’m with you on Red and Blue, absolutely fantastic albums, but Yellow/Green for me should be called Piss/Pus, dishwater music, Purple feels like a return to form. Horses/courses etc. I do think that it’s a pretty good starting point for people new to the metalsphere for some sludgelite


Discover Weekly threw one of my fave Schuldiner tracks at me so I figured I’d drop it here:


Monolord is putting out some good sludgy stuff: https://youtu.be/mTAoZWSKiXI

On the other end of the bpm spectrum, Skeletonwitch is p great: https://youtu.be/BKlJDQWFlYA


more metal! MORE METAL!


I listend to a lot of metal when I was in high school but fell off after that. Some times I’ll hear an album that I’m into, but for whatever reason I don’t stick with it. I do still re listen to Cobalt’s ‘Eater of Birds’ every once in awhile:


i’ve been getting extremely fucked up on this album for the last few months


Krallice is so good. I love their s/t


I haven’t been actively listening to most stuff in a minute (read: a couple years?) but: Boris are one of the greatest of all time. Whether you’re looking for doom, butt-rock, noise, thrash, whatever, they’ve got an album, and they never do it less than incredibly.

some favorite albums

and a song (how do you embed youtubes?)


boris is one of the most important things that happened in the 2000s


I’ve been into the symphonic/fantasy side of metal since my early teens. One of my favorites is Ayreon, a project by Arjen Lucassen with a lot of different musicians/vocalists, the result of which is experimental, conceptual, and has very obvious influences from prog rock and folk music. I’m not sure all of it counts as metal - it is very diverse - but most pieces slowly build and become very bombastic. I just love the intricate universe in which all of the compositions take place, it’s a universe complete with AI, dying planets, but also a high fantasy side and a guy in a coma who is dreaming up shit? Good stuff.

And then I like this kind of stuff, too. Give me those latin choirs, ay.


If you’re into Symphonic metal/Power and need a good laugh I would be remiss not to recommend the band Gloryhammer’s Space 1992: Rise Of The Chaos Wizards to you. This goes for everyone in here honestly, Gloryhammer is incredible. Here’s a taste:

Okay, no wait, stop! Stop and listen to me before you dismiss this as silly. I mean it is silly but it’s the best kind of silly! Gloryhammer is a “tribute band” for lack of a better term consisting of musicians from several other bands, wherein they celebrate the glorious cheesiness that is the European Power metal scene. Emphasis should be placed on the word “Celebrate” here, as the guys in the band absolutely adore the genre for how stupid and silly it is. It’s not as much a parody as it is a grade school play trying to live up to the original and in the process they end up creating one of the greatest works of the genre. A sci-fi fantasy space opera centered around the king of scotland riding into space along with Arnold Schwarzenegger and an army of Galactiv Dwarves to battle interdimensional demons from the 83rd dimension. You can tell that the musicians know how stupid the thing they have created is, and you can tell just how much they love it for that exact reason. It is a monumental record, hysterically fun, and one of the best power metal records to be released in years.


That’s…pretty amazing, actually. In a not-quite-parody way. The vocals are so over the top (which I guess is the point lmao) but the music is pretty fucking decent and kind of catchy in a way that metal usually isn’t. Thanks for the rec :’)


I can strongly recommend reading the lyrics along to the music, they are… special is probably the best way to describe them. And you’re right it is definitely supposed to be over the top, as is everything in the band. Power Metal is generally a pretty shameless genre when it comes to overdoing everything/anything, so it follows that Gloryhammer would do the same when paying cheeky tribute to it.


It reminded me of this, which is kind of the opposite of what you posted - not a parody but so terrible it might as well be one - Northern Kings, a collective of metal musicians who made two albums of pop song covers. So you get shit like this, which is dissonant in every possible way because they changed a few chords to make it sound grittier and more-metal like, completely ruining the original song:




I am fuckin lolling at that Take on Me cover

Also: both Gloryhammer albums are great. I loved when they just shamelessly wrote a Dragonforce song on the first album.


Agreed that Gloryhammer rule. Anyone have any good recent Power metal releases? As a boring kinda old white collar dude these days I am not up with the scene or new stuff anymore. Wasn’t sure where to look until I saw this thread.


First one that immediately springs to mind would be Celladors new release Off The Grid, it’s pretty damn good.

I do volunteer work for a 24 hour metal station and I’m in charge of updating a big part of our regular rotations, so I’m generally listening to a lot of new music and a lot you just kinda forget after a few weeks. This Cellador record is really neat though, very European sounding for an American power metal band, tons of melody and noodly solos.