Let's discuss/post/enjoy some metal


I will check it out. Thanks for the recommendation.


Some sick recommendations on here. My favorite metal band: Ilsa

Here’s a link since I’m having issues with embed.

Edit: anyone else having their embeds show up as empty boxes? Earlier ones on page seemed to work, weird.


Agghhhhh I’m so excited for this. I spent a lot of time in my younger years listening to fantasy/power metal, but more recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of doom - Pallbearer/Khemmis/Windhand/etc. Here’s a great new track by Pallbearer if you’re interested.

As far as Dopesmoker goes, I’ve actually bounced off it a few times, but I just recently gave Sleep’s Holy Mountain a listen a couple weeks ago and it’s fantastic.


I think it may be because you don’t have your first badge yet, which I assume you get for posting a few times and not being a dick to anyone, which I don’t think should be a problem for anyone :slight_smile: once you get the badge, you should be good go and able to post videos, gifs, etc.


Yeah, same here. Not sure what would cause that.


I’ve always preferred Holy Mountain to Dopesmoker. Dunno why. I guess the main melodic “theme” of Dopesmoker never grabbed me.

I’ve had a hell of a time getting into new metal bands in recent years. I think everything I listened to regularly in 2016 was, like, Voivod, Gorguts, The Body, Krallice, Virus, Dysrhythmia? Just new material from established bands. Also, 4 of those bands have had the same people in them. So I’m feeling stagnant and old.

What’s good in noise vomit, y’all?


If you like Voivod, you should check out Vektors three records, ASAP. they are unquestionably the best prog. thrash records of the 21st Century and Terminal Redux is in my own humble opinion the best thrash record to be released in a quarter century (believe, I’ve listened to a lot of them). They build on Voivods sci-fi thrash but encorporate elements from black metal and generally jack the bpm’s up in the red.

The best thing about Vektor is that when you listen to all their records you get a very tangible sense of progression in terms of how their sound evolves. They are are still unquestionably thrash by Terminal Redux but they just operate with such an evolved pallette at that point, that it kinda makes a lot of other bands seem real lazy and uninspired.


Vektor is good! Back in the bad old days of MySpace one of the bands I was in was supposed to play a show with them before they had to cancel coming out to the east coast. Did eventually get to see them live like 10 years later, though!


Man, I’ve wanted to see them live for ages, but they so rarely come to my part of Europe and I missed them last time around, when they toured Voivod of all bands. That was a major fucking bummer.

On the plus side I did get to see Dillinger Escape Plan on their farewell tour back in february and that probably one of, if not the best, metal shows I’ve ever seen. Absolutely incredible.


I’m glad you finally mentioned Vektor given your avatar! I have to say, their latest album was my introduction and it is fucking magnificent.

Also, this thread is a great idea, thanks for starting it.

This is old, but I’ll drop this here because it’s one of my favorite things I’ve bought recently (Kvelertak’s s/t):


By the way what’s your metal station? I’d love to check it out.


It’s called Den Tunge Radio and you can find it on the tune-in app and on our website www.dentungeradio.dk (it’s in Danish though). We have around 12 different rotations throughout the week that focus on different genres or moods, ranging from old school metal and power to exclusively extreme metal and everything in between. We are looking into doing more original content with debates or reviews or news, etc. but all of that will be in Danish as well, so that might not be that interesting if you don’t speak the language xD


That’s awesome. I don’t know the language but music is universal. I’ll check it out!


My metal tastes tend to skew heavily toward sludgy, noisy nonsense that the most hardcore metalheads tend to hate. But anyway, to post something that isn’t that, here’s a black metal album that combines Appalachian folk, union songs and leftism that everyone should hear. Kind of a musical companion to Harlan County, U.S.A., if you will. It rules.


Yes!! I had never heard of this band until I saw them a couple weekends ago in Philly. Totally awesome live.


It’s actually a single person project. The live version has only happened, like, 3 or 4 times so far. Who’s lucky? Who’s jealous?


Oh, good, someone beat me to starting this thread. I never know how to start these things.

@zimlorog I saw Devin Townsend Project live for the first time back in September w/ Fallujah and Between the Buried and Me. His stage presence is top-tier, even if the music is self-described “lower mid tier prog metal”

@Lassemomme Gloryhammer is hilarious. Fun fact, a friend of mine stumbled across Alestorm (then called Battleheart) on MySpace before they got big. I think he still has some of the tracks from back then. Vektor is also a personal favorite.


I’d heard this like the day after… do you know if the intent is that the live performance will stay uncommon, or is it a change of gear? It would be a shame if it didn’t happen more often.


Well, dude said after the first time that it’d come off lots smoother than he’d expected, so he wants to continue. That being said, it’ll most likely only ever be one-offs & fests, as dude has a family & full-time brewery gig somewhere in Appalachia.

EDIT: Dudes name is Austin Lunn, and he is co-owner of Hammerheart Brewing in Lino Lakes, Minnesota.


First and foremost, I’m a huge Opeth fan, so let’s talk about how tight this performance of Demon of the Fall is. Top to bottom, every single member of the band is in sync on this track. Really makes me miss Peter Lindgren.