Let's discuss/post/enjoy some metal


Opeth is great, I’m a little bummed out that Åkerfeldt kinda got bored with metal and just transitioned it over to essentially being a throwback prog rock band, even if the quality is undeniable. I think that is part of the reason why I enjoyed the Witherscape record from last year as much as I did, because it sounded like some weird alternative reality where Opeth instead of moving towards Rush and Yes instead hired Dan Swanö and just got super into making their records sound incredible.


I really like viking/folk metal. I don’t especially like that I have to translate the lyrics to make sure that I’m not listening to um…that kind of metal. Equilibrium is a lot of fun, and seem like their songs deal exclusively with epic adventures and parties.


Now y’all are speaking my language. I’ve been jamming to the new Artificial Brain a whole heckin’ lot this week.


@Lassemomme Yeah, I still love the songwriting though.


Lately, I keep coming back to Rebel Wizard’s latest release, Triumph of Gloom. Dude took black metal production & vocals, and smashed it together with some very, very traditional/thrash style riffing and it works incredibly well.

EDIT: Also, the track titles are the best


AAARGH, ARTIFICIAL BRAIN ARE SO GOOOOOOD! Infrared Horizons is so god damn brilliant, it is such a smart progression from Labyrinth Constellation. It is undeniably the AB sound but still totally different and its own thing. I have a hard time picking between that and Venenums record for best Death Metal release of 2017 so far and I never thought I would have that when I heard the Venenum cut the first time. Absolutely brilliant!


Hang on I need to go check out Venenum apparently


Saw these guys last year with Lamb of God and Anthrax, absolutely killer performance. Been going back and listening to a lot of Skeletonwitch lately as well as the new Mastodon album too.


It’s oppressive and gloomy and evil as fuck. Super atmospheric without sacrificing the brutality, it’s just delivered in a way that is soul crushingly bleak. I’m leaning towards Artificial Brain right now but Venenums record truly is a monstrosity in it’s own right. It also has a cello, so that’s kinda cool too!


I’ve been listening to Chthonic a lot. They’re very melodic, and also they’re one of a few bands with a left political message when they’re not singing about Taiwanese mythology. The lead singer is even a member of Taiwan’s legislature, so that’s cool.

(The music video is pretty cool, but TW for swastikas so I didn’t want to embed it.)


Alright yep. Yes. This is good as heck.The wonkiness of the opening notes of Merging Nebular Drapes briefly reminded me of Howls of Ebb, who put out one delightfully weird ass record in 2016.


I had a girlfriend once who really really loved Ayreon and Opeth and other prog-ass metal. Because I was into Dream Theater as a kid I self-deprecatingly called it nerd music for nerds, and she cried and never talked about music with me again for the next year of our relationship. That’s ok because it also meant I never had to endure Ayreon or Opeth during that time.


I have to second that Rebel Wizard album, and also posit that the rest of the back catalog is similarly (though in my opinion not quite as) good.


Ran out of responses so now I have like 30 people I want to respond to lol.

Cellador is back! I was jamming on Enter Deception in high school and their next album was fuckin vaporware for years. Need to listen to the new one.

Vektor is great, Artificial Brain is great, everything is great, y’all are great.


Also, I don’t know how to embed a Bandcamp player, but I fucking adore this album, which has a lot of punk DNA


Lol, that’s fucking incredible. I mean, I like prog as much as the next guy if not more, but even I can admit to that it being silly nerd music. People shouldn’t take their own musical tastes to seriously, especially metal which is such dumb musical style in so many great ways. It’s like when Ryan Davis used call something dumb. Like, yes that word has a negative connotation but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great. Cannibal Corpse is the most hare brained shit ever, but that doesn’t take away from how deliriously happy some of their songs make me.


Being a Virginia boy, there are a lot of local bands who kinda do the irreverent GWAR shtick so I figure even the hardest metal around here tends to have a solid sense of humor. A lot of my resilience around people giving me shit for my music comes from high school crew team - about half of the crew team were HUGE music nerds and everyone had their two cents on every. single. band. everyone else was into.

Don’t get me wrong, I felt really bad about making my ex cry, though.


Been listening to Bask’s “Ramble Beyond” recently as they just put out the follow up to my Album Of The Year from 2014, American Hollow. It’s… It’s fucking incredible. They have this super cool style that meshes stoner metal, doom and americana folk into this incredibly beefy and warm sound and the production is the best I’ve heard all year. Their last record was definitely a bit heavier and it had more “metal-y” moments but “Ramble” is just so. fucking. beautiful. I honestly don’t have a better word to describe it and it’s definitely not the heaviest music out there but man, Their sound is just so much my shit that it doesn’t really matter.


Oh shit yes. This is rad. I love metal, but my heart probably belongs to stuff with more punk trappings.


My dude, you HAVE to check out Ramble Beyond! It is so god damn good, and it’s only like 40 minutes long so it’s just short enough that you never get tired of it. On top of that they are just great guys. I got to meet them a few years back when they were touring with High On Fire and they were and they were super cool and chill, no bullshit whatsoever.