Let's discuss/post/enjoy some metal


O h shit. I usually build a QOTSA/Kyuss playlist around this time of the year to listen to on the hot drives home from work. This will slot in really well.


Definitely check out their 2014 record as well then, it’s even more driving appropriate, especially Land Of The Sky.


Man. Some really good stuff in this thread. Gojira is one of my favorite bands and their album From Mars to Sirius has some of my favorite tunes. Give it a listen!



Melodic death metal and related is hella my jam. Super big jammed up jamming jamboree. I like it, is what I’m saying


I got my start listening to Manowar and was mostly into Powermetal for a long time. But since I listened to Volition by Protest The Hero I’ve steadily been getting more and more into Prog.
So I have for you: A track from the album that steered me this way, and a song from another Prog Metal band called Twelve Foot Ninja. Those guys are also playing a concert in my city, on my birthday, wich I’m obviously attending with some friends, and that is so perfect, it nearly makes me believe in the favor of some kind of deity.


I really like Melodic Death Metal and specifically Wintersun as well! You should check out the album The Singularity by Scar Symmetry if you’re not familiar with it, I discovered that alongside Wintersun.


Hell yeah, Twelve Foot Ninja are great.

We’ve got a great bunch of prog metal bands down here in Australia, of course everyone knows about Karnivool, but there’s other great bands like Caligula’s Horse, Circles and Dead Letter Circus.


Marigold by Caligula’s Horse is such a great song. I didn’t really get into the rest of the album that much but that song is just so fucking killer.


I really like Bloom, it’s not a remarkable album really, but it’s nice nonetheless.

While we’re still on the topic of Aussie metal bands, Northlane deserve a mention.

I wasn’t a fan of Node, but this latest album is pretty neat.


Thanks for the hot tip! I jumped ass deep into it right away and I’m liking what I’m hearing


Kyuss has shaped my present music taste more than any other band. Had a stoner rock/doom metal centric show on my school’s radio station a couple years back (though near the end I dipped a ton into black and death metal) and the show’s name was ripped from the lyrics of Whitewater

The one good thing Tool ever did for my music taste was tip me off to Demon Cleaner


Can we also talk about skramz here? I never know the right place to talk about it. My all time favorite band is City of Caterpillar, and there is always a tiny trickle of skramz revival, like Portrayal of Guilt.

Really like this stuff.

Edit: Need to learn how to embed links on this forum. Portrayal of Guilt - The One


I’ve fallen off of the Metal scene but I’ll always have a soft spot. I moved to the Perturbator/Carpentur Brut style 80’s dark synth stuff recently. One of my favorite relative recent bands is Tempel. They do instrumental stuff and it’s just so good. Deep and complex, heavy but thoughtful. Super good:


Goddamn, that first track on the Tempel album is… awesome. Thanks for sharing that, I am definitely going to check out everything they’ve got.

And just to follow on w/ Perturbator, I’ll leave this here for others:


I mean darker synthwave stuff essentially sounds like metal anyway.

Carpenter Brut especially, take this for example:


Yeah dude, check em out. They’re stuff is incredible. Both albums are great.

It’s funny when I think about the connection between my enjoyment of Metal and my recent enjoyment of the Perturbator type stuff. They’re different kinds of music but are very similar in intent and style. Both focus on being heavy, and powerful. Like if you listen to Turbo Killer by Carpenter Brut, it’s basically a heavy metal track.

But… at the same time, when I listen to a band called Dance of the Dead which literally fuses synth and electronic guitars and IMO their recent stuff doesn’t work well.


Haha yeah you said what I just said in a more direct way. It makes sense how once could go from one to another. They have the same intentions.


Hey while we’re talking synthy metal or metally synth - a mention of The Algorithm wouldn’t go amiss.


City of Caterpillar, Pg. 99, and Orchid are all in pretty heavy rotation. I hadn’t heard of Portrayal of Guilt but heck yessss. Hell, I even listen to United Nations on a semi-regular basis.

Anyways, thanks for tipping me off to Portrayal of Guilt. This is good stuff.


I had the luck of seeing Artificial Brain in my hometown three weeks ago, what a great band and a really nice bunch of guys. I love everything about them! They were opening for Gorguts (which are also great) but I mostly bought a ticket to go see AB. That weekend I also saw Imperial Triumphant and Sortilegia! I am aaa spoiled.