Let's discuss/post/enjoy some metal


this imperial triumphant track is cool as shit


Their stuff is an eclectic mix of blackened technical death metal with jazz, and they wear cool cloaks and masks when they play live. They are often compared to Deathspell Omega and Portal.


i definitely see the portal if they’re also dressing up like clock monsters


Portal is great. It’s like a Lovecraft story in music form.


Ha yes totally! Definitely not as impressive as Portal clock monsters though, more like the No-Face (Kaonashi) from Spirited Away.


The Great Discord is one of the coolest and unique sounding prog metal bands out there. It is great to see them getting some love here.


I’m down with how the thread has gone in the direction of eclectic and weird bands, so before I go to bed I figured I might as well drop some Sigh in here for good meassure. Have a good one, folks.



If you like Orphaned Land and concept albums, I would recommend prog-metal forums as a good place to discuss that genre and metal in general. While I have loved metal all my life, I generally do not enjoy the fandom surrounding it. Aside some of the obvious issues of racism, homophobia you find in broader metal communities, more speciallized communities are rampant with elitism for anything not underground or with am unreadable logo.

While prog metal forums also do have some snobbish behavior, I have generally found them the best place for a smart conversation about metal


I am loving this thread!
Speaking of japanese avant-garde (well proto actually) black metal… Sabbat!


Sorry if this is a bit removed from the topic, but talk of experimental Japanese metal reminded me of the band C.S.S.O.

Psychedelic grind


Wow, what a sound! Like a mix of Hawkwind with Napalm Death? Thanks for the suggestion!

re: Cobalt - Eater of Birds: That very album made me interested in black metal again when it came out 10 years ago.


This is all fucking wonderful.

I’ve been going down the Funeral Doom rabbit hole lately. Bell Witch is probably my favorite, and fun fact, listening to this song for the first time made me cry in front of a bunch of people at my college’s computer lab:

Also been getting really, really into Loss. Like, unhealthily into Loss.

Outside of the FD stuff, I always have to give a shout out Khanate, which, other than The Knife, might weirdly be my desert island band:


Can’t mention Funeral Doom without Ahab.

This song is what got me into Funeral Doom.

While not Funeral Doom, Spotify showed me Oathbreaker today, and I love it.

Also, people into Sigh! You Waypoint folks get me.


+1 for Bell Witch and Khanate, love them. I imagine you also like Burning Witch? Crippled Lucifer is one of my favorite doom records.

And I imagine you have also heard of The Body?

Ok enough posting for tonight, I could go on forever! It feels real nice to be able to post about metal on a forum without fear of your typical internet/bigoted toxicity cropping up. Looking forward to hear about all of your favorite music.


Someone sent me this last month. Good stuff.


it’s a show no mercy kinda day


In light of the AHCA vote today, this song is my self-care.


Sad to hear that. Hey, if you need to rage out later I can recommend listening to Dillinger Escape Plans last album "Dissociation"


Thanks. I’m honestly finding that some of my favorite Bush-era albums are eerily appropriate right now (Lamb of God’s Ashes of the Wake , Machine Head’s The Blackening, Master’s Four More Years of Terror, A Perfect Circle’s Thirteenth Step). Kind of gives me a “you survived that, you’ll survive this” feeling, you know?


Yeah, the Bush years for as weird and fucked up as they were really did spur on some pretty stand out political records. I’ve found it interesting how when you look back at certain eras and time periods the music and art is so starkly reflecting it. It speaks to the idea of music as both escapism from our daily lives as well as moral support for the same.