Let's discuss/post/enjoy some metal


I’ve recently been more into straight black metal classics and death metal. As far as something that hasn’t been mentioned that people should check out:

Extremity - Extremely Fucking Dead

Standard death with chunkier edge, kind of a super group, and kind of the best album title ever?


Meant to get back sooner, but absolutely, Burning Witch is/was phenomenal, and jesus christ, THE BODY. I don’t think I’ve seen any band more times than them. I’ve always loved how at their shows, you don’t need earplugs because the high-end is trimmed off so much, it’s just low-frequency pounding in your gut. Just utterly awe-inspiring in every way, it’s been awesome seeing them get the recognition they deserve.


Ever dig into OLD? Love this record, gives me terrific dreams when I fall asleep to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zH0pMBrEzxE



Nice album covers, who are the artists!?


Gloryhammer is the best! Can’t wait for album#3!


Love me some iron and copper. Those are outstanding metals!


Nah man, that shit ain’t heavy enough. Osmium is the heaviest metal of them all.


Copper and tin put out a pretty good mashup album

… I’ll show myself out


man the new author and punisher instruments are sick thanks for sharing


Some Tech Death? Gorod, Birds of Sulfur. I like it because it isn’t a picture of a metal bar.


my favorite thing about gorod is when they said “FUCK IT WE’RE WRITING A THRASH EP” then put it out on april fool’s


Gorod are dope, their last record was so fucking eclectic and weird, I absolutely loved it. I’ll offer up greek brutal tech death masters Kronos, who write songs exclusively about Greek mythology, the most metal of all mythologies.


I was unaware of them as a precursor. A quick google shows me that since there’s a John Zorn cameo on Lo Flux Tube I should have a copy of that. Also comparisons to Godflesh & experimental stuff on a grindcore band’s wiki sounds like my jam.

I think somebody already posted a C.S.S.O. song on this thread? (edit: it was @TrapGunner / it was a whole album)
The end of this one makes me believe that putting a metal drummer behind most folk/tradition music styles would probably be rad. I had an acquaintance years ago who sidelined in a zydeco band with very little difference to his play style, and even the rednecks seemed to love it.


Just got tickets for Pallbearer’s first Australian tour. Keeeeeeeeen, probably my favourite album so far this year. Heartless has already been posted though, so here’s another;


I’ve seen them a couple of times, you’re in for a treat!

I have enjoyed Heartless immensely this year. It is an incredible progression of their sound iin terms of melody and vocally it’s probably the best work of Brett Campbells career.


my problem with pallbearer is i always feel like they have an ep’s worth of great songs on each album and the rest is eh filler, but the great stuff is really great so it’s usually worth it

i also think sorrow and extinction is by far their best


Going to see Opeth, Gojira, and Devin Townsend Project tomorrow night :smile:


Where are my fellow BABYMETAL fans?!

(Also, Cloudkicker is amazing, and I’m eternally sad that ISIS is no longer making music.)


I came into this thread to post a BABYMETAL song, so…here I am!