Let's discuss/post/enjoy some metal


There’s not enough anime in this thread.


Noticeable lack of the Hatsune Miku effect pedal in this song. Cannot recommend.


Have some skramz. It’s not really metal. More of a punk offshoot.

The classic Hot Cross. I suggest checking out the whole A New Set of Lungs EP. It is short, bunchy, and quintessential skramz.

My all time favorite: City of Caterpillar. Most of their songs tend toward longer, but this gives you a good hint at their post-rock/progressive hardcore influence in under 3 minutes.

Kidcrash. If you are into stuff like American Football or This Town Needs Guns, but want more heavy fast riffs in the songs, maybe try this out. Really try it out anyway. I’m constantly jealous of how many catchy riffs they throw into each song.


Wow I’m also super into the use of strings in metal + will definitely look more into demonic resurrection. My favorite song which has a similar string line [if only really in the intro] is Sabbat (Jpn)'s Samurai Zombies and I’m always looking for more interesting instrumentations in metal.


Time to reanimate this familiar old cadaver. What have people been listening to over the summer so far? I’ve personally been taking a small break from metal, but I recently dug up Depressive Age’s debut album First Depression, a spectacular album that blends progressive thrash with the dour and bleak atmosphere of kraut rock in very unique way. The vocals are somewhat of an acquired taste, but I personally think it fits the atmosphere of the music perfectly.


It seems like every first post I make in a metal thread is to mourn a band. ;/

This time is Altar of Plagues.

Such a bummer they are no more. :sob:

Quick Edit: Seizure Warning.


One of my favorite albums from 2013, along with Vexovoid by Portal and Obsian by Castevet. That was a really good year for Profound Lore records.


Oh yeah, it was a good year for sure.
To me it was all about Vaura, Ash Borer and the already mentioned Altar of Plagues.


This album came out today, and it’s very good.


Can we all agree that power metal is the thinking man’s metal genre

(warning: slight amounts of cheese)



I don’t listen to metal that often, but been enjoying this recently: https://sannhet.bandcamp.com/album/so-numb


The New Wolves in the Throne room has me really excited


7 days, only 7 more days… :heart_eyes:


is anybody into monarch? they’re a super cool atmospheric drone doom band, i’m really excited for their new album!!


I really like Monarch! and am also looking forward to this new album. Sabbracadaver is so good. You also might enjoy Bloody Panda if you like this sort of thing.


Speaking og atmospheric and droning, I just stumbled over a band called BIG|BRAVE who just put out a new record, and it’s really friggin’ weird and great. The female vocals have this really haunting feel to them that kinda remind of the Danish electronica/folk band Valravn. It’s almost spiritual sounding in a way.


Sabbracadaver was great, I love the progression they’ve been on for the last few albums. “mortes” might be my favorite song of theirs. The climax of that song is like what I imagine descending into hell sounds like lol


oh yeah they’re a local band for me. I’ve often noticed them on show lineups but never seen them live, I should check them out!
edit: just found out I can go see them at their record launch show on the 30th!


I haven’t heard anything else quite like Sabbat. Samurai Zombies was basically my anthem during my first playthrough of NiOh. I also like this doom band with the same vocalist. Not quite as unique sounding as Sabbat, but that intro riff is just juicy.

A band I’ve really fallen in love with lately is Tomb Mold, so-named for the item in Bloodborne. They’ve got a few tracks with names based on the Souls series. My favorite of their tracks is one such track, titled Clockwise Metamorphosis.

idk how to reply to multiple posts at once with this forum software but @gunstar

Extremity - Extremely Fucking Dead

Really loved this album. The sudden transition from the intro to Crepuscular Crescendo is just :ok_hand:

I saw some Gloryhammer while scrolling through. I really like dorky fantasy lyrics in metal. Tracks like Sentient Horror’s Beneath a Bleeding Moon, Unleash the Archer’s Cleanse the Bloodlines (really, any Unleash the Archers stuff), or Dark Empire’s The Alchemist come to mind. They’re maybe not as cheesy as “FOR THE KING WE WILL RIDE THROUGH THE DARK GALACTIC SKIES,” but still. I can’t link to those songs due to 2-link limit, but the latter 2 are on Youtube and Beneath a Bleeding Moon is on bandcamp should come up with a google search if anybody wants to check them out.

ok I can’t respond to everything but there are some really great bands I’ve never heard before in here. I’m only 1 track into Purple, but it is really cool so far. Rippikoulu is something I just have to shake my head at and wonder how I’ve never heard them before. They’re right up my alley, and I’ve heard of them before, but somehow I never got around to listening to them.