Let's do some Destiny raids

It’s been nearly three years and I am still playing Destiny. And I hope some of you are too!

Despite the game not being all that old I have a great sense of nostalgia for the first two raids. It’s been so much fun being able to play them again. I’m hoping to make the most of it before we leave it all behind in the sequel.

If anyone is still playing or is interested in raiding we should get a group together sometime! I play on PS4.


I am down for this. I’ve never tried the new raid but I was a goddamned legend in taken king.

I was also destroyed by the dick wall for a while so that was lame

Man I’d love to join you, but I play Destiny on the XBOX. I was playing almost daily after Rise of Iron was released, and the race to 400 just killed all my momentum in the game. I love every aspect of it, but the grind is just killed me

I would totally be down to do some raiding this weekend now that I’m done with Persona 5! I’m IHateDRM75 on PSN for the intrested

I’ve really gotten into raiding since AoT dropped. The choice of 4 raids plus the rotating weekly challenges makes it fun to keep playing. I’m on PS4.

Let’s do it! I’m on Xbox One, myself.

I’ve had absolutely horrible, terrible, no good luck with LFG raids lately, and would love to find more folks (maybe closer to my time zone in the US West) than most of the folks in my the100 group.

I used to raid three times a week and sherpa’ed a bunch with Safe Gamers and Dames of Destiny but I fell off the wagon right when Rise of Iron came out. I’m under light/gear now and honestly haven’t been on in months but I could do an older raid.

Also I’d be down for starting/joining a Waypoint clan/community when Destiny 2 comes out.

XB1: donbert
PS4: not_donbert

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Hey Y’all! Where were you people on the discord? :stuck_out_tongue: I run raids every Tuesday, I’m a raid sherpa and run a clan with my close irl friends and we’re always willing to run new people through them! I also stream the raids so check me out sometime : www.twitch.tv/cadokun

Does anyone want to specifically raid this Tuesday, May 2, at 8 pm EST?

PSN: Cadokun

I’m going to wait and see how clans work this time around before I worry about it. As clans are now I think it’s more fun as a thing you share with a small group of friends rather then a way to show affiliation to the forum you meet players on

They at least need to allow the creation of events that clan members can see and join in-game. I play with an active clan but it’s Discord that makes planning raids possible.

I’m down for this weekend. Robodacious on PSN.

I’d love to, but I’m on GMT so it’d be hard for me to join you guys unless it was on a weekend.

we’ve recently also been running a raid Saturday afternoons so maybe we can raid!

Sure, that sounds great :slight_smile: Let me know what time you’re planning on raiding.

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This should be in game, but for now there is an Events feature that I use on PS4. It lets you set a time, a party limit, and invite people to a party. It also has an option to auto-join the party when its event time. Its not the best but its doing the job in the meantime!

Never played a single raid before, but would be down to be dragged along as long as you don’t mind a noob at your side :slight_smile:

Am on PS4, time zone GMT+1.

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I play on xbox one. Its usually me and one other. I’m a titan 400 and she is a Hunter 400. We’ve been trying to raid more. Done too much Crota lately. But we are down to raid even though we don’t have much experiance besides crota. Add me FortyFour4s.

My girlfriend and I play on Xbox one. Our crew basically collapsed after wrath of the machine dropped and we’ve both been wanting to find a crew to run hard mode with for the final achievement of destiny 1 that we don’t have.

I’m a 400 warlock, she’s a 390-something warlock.

I’m down for some GMT friendly PS4 raids at some point, still haven’t done The Taken King or Machine raids but I am gear ready

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@Dapp @Trycester @Wracketeer @Jalan @VulpesAbsurda @outrun @donbert @Robodacious Ok y’all, I’m personally down to sherpa any raid this Saturday at 9:00 am EDT (2 pm GMT +1) would this be a good time for any of you? I would be willing to push it towards 7 am EDT (12pm GMT +1) if that worked better! Let me know!