Let's do some Destiny raids


It was fun but I’m not sure how I feel about that DRM fellow he seems weird


Yeah and SurplusGamer needs to up his game jeez


Ugh right?! Why did we even invite those two?


That was a great raid y’all! Congrats to all for the completion! Hope to see some of you next weekend as well :smiley:

p.s. I gotta get that screenshot with Money in mid air :laughing:


Yeah, that was a great time! I’m really glad I finally got to do one of these because those were some of the coolest setpieces I’ve seen in this game.


As compensation for my fairly tame raid loot, an Exotic hand cannon just popped out of a blue engram


Nice going, team!

I have a checkpoint for Aksis phase 2 on Xbox 1. If any XB players want to try to run that tonight, I could be game!


Hey, I watched the recorded stream of that raid with @Cado, @swords et al today, and have to say: You guys were a super team! The coaching was awesome, clear and patient [I wasn’t clear who the other experienced voice was other than Cado, sorry – wracketeer?], the folks who hadn’t done the raid asked good questions, everybody got along and you all just got it done. Like, the basically impromptu first-try siege engine kill? Geeeeze, dudes. Nice work. (Not to mention the last, last moment finish at final stand! Yow!)

Seriously, I’m just impressed watching this, at how everybody came together and clearly had a great time. Fist bumps all 'round, team. I hope we get something like this unity and fun when we get an XB run together!


Yeah I can’t say I could’ve had a better intro to raiding honestly. Hopefully there’s enough XB folks to organize something like that too.


I won’t quite be geared enough to raid immediately (currently 380 Titan), but soon I’d be game to join anybody raiding on Xbox One. Gamertag is MFJubes.


@Dapp would you be available early Saturday to do some raiding? Also who else hasn’t joined us for a raid and would like to?


Saturdays are generally not doable for me with my work sadly, very rare occurrence that I am off then


Ohhhh bummer! when would be a better time for you?


Okay, XBox raiders, how about a game this weekend?


Anyone want to do stuff? Fireteam of 2 need 1 more. On right now :heartempty:


I don’t know if I’ll be able to regularly do stuff over the next few weeks, as I’m moving 3 weeks from tomorrow, but I’ve just started to get back into Destiny (didn’t play much since RoI), and I’d love to play with other Waypointers! I’m on Xbox, GT: Gjallarsean. Anyone here can feel free to add me!



I guess I got in on some raid action last night thanks to @Zer0minutes pulling me in at the last moment to sub for a missing clan person in VoG. Very good experience and everyone was nice and patient with me especially as they were hoping to find someone who knew what they were doing and instead got me :smile:

We didn’t finish it but we’re going to try to do that tonight.

Glad I got some in this week because I’m not going to be around this weekend again. I definitely want to be around whenever we do King’s Fall because it’s the only thing stopping me from finishing all the Destiny main story quests.


You were a great member of the team and will not hesitate to ask you again. The reason I wanted someone with high light level/experience/better guns (dps) is we always have an elect team for the first run of the week before bringing in others. I have no problem bringing people with zero experience through otherwise. We just like to have one chill run with everyone knowing their place and duty so we can chat/catch-up. :two_hearts:


Anyone want to do Crota? Right now. We just need one. You’ll have fun I promise.