Let's do some Destiny raids


I can hop on! I just need to make this post 15 characters first. Also my PS4 needs to update


Sorry just got one. First come first serve. Damn those 15 characters! Next time though.


No worries! I’ve only been up like ten minutes anyways


It was good! I mostly stood around looking bewildered as usual but everyone very patient and we got through it pretty quickly.


Anyone want to raid tomorrow at around 1 pm EDT?


I would love to raid tomorrow afternoon, which one are you thinking of doing?


Not sure! kinda depends on who might be interested, but I may have dropped the ball on organizing this week :sweat_smile:


If we don’t get enough peeps maybe we can try a trials card? :crossed_swords:


I would have been down like Wednesday but I made plans to play with my Grim Dawn group. :confused: I might be free if you’re one person short though!


Had to push it back would @VulpesAbsurda and @crasstiger y’all be down to start a raid in like an hour from now?


I don’t think so but I’ll check. So I can’t guarantee I’ll be there for a raid but I can fill a spot for a bit at least. I think


one for aksis right now. Just be 390 ll or higher. It’ll be fine we’ll explain everything. We’re a fun crew.


I’m around if you still need someone


yes jump on …ok need 15 characters


What’s happenin’? Any fun I can join in on?


give us a minute we might need you but we 6 rn


we’re doing one more run and then you’re up


join now! Need to make this 15 characters again


That was fun! Also I hit enter rest mode by mistake so I left the party rather rudely but didn’t mean to I promise!


you’re grand. GG until next time :blue_heart: