Let's do some Destiny raids


Always happy to jump in to help when I’m around! I’ll also be doing some Iron Banner this week for the interested.


Hey y’all, running the Weekly Featured Raid tomorrow night (8 pm EDT), who wants in? @ledesh @Dapp are you interested/available?


So with Iron Banner this week who wants to meet up for a few rounds this Sunday? Say Sunday at noon mountain time (12PM MT)?


Would but won’t be around tell evening, if anyone wants to play Sunday evening I’m up.


I forgot that a bunch of E3 press conferences were today so I’ll probably skip out myself anyways


I missed out on doing King’s Fall 3 times in a row this weekend due to various circumstances and it’s the one I really need to do.

So if anyone else wants to run it some other BST friendly time then I would be very keen.


I haven’t completed King’s Fall either so I would be up for this. I’m in EST and I’m off the next three days so I can play whenever.


Don’t know if there’s time for a raid but I’m jumping on if anyone wants to strike or something


Yeah it was a messy weekend for Kings Fall I got my last run finished but it took 2 evenings to complete. If you set something up with a time that suits you (evenings I’m free). before the weekend. I have 2 more I can count on to help and without challenges they’d be more than happy to jump on.


well, I’ve finally got to the part where I need to play with other people to get actually usable gear, so feel free to add me. i’m iconstyle on psn, just let me know you wanna raid


I play on the Xbox but if you guys are putting something together there after 11 eastern/8 pacific I’d be happy to help. GT is same as forum name.

(Destiny credentials: 400 all three classes, completed all the raids multiple times since Age of Triumph launched, generally nice person, love crucible too if anyone’s into that)


Hey @tw1tch0rz, another XBox player to join our semi lonely ranks! (GT TestApparatus)

We’ve failed so far to get together, but perhaps some critical mass will help. I’d love to get out into a raid with folks from the group sometime.


I also play on Xbox! Like Pizza said, there are relatively few of us, but we at least try to run the Nightfall every Tuesday. Gamertag is MFJubes.


That’s funny, the other forum I run in has an Xbox majority, it’s made getting raids done way easier.


I’m also on Xbox, GT: Gjallarsean. It would definitely be nice to get enough people on here to get a raiding group together. MFJubes and I tried to raid last night using the Xbox LFG system, but it…well…it didn’t necessarily go super well. Getting a group of CIVIL people together to work together on the internet seems to be tough…


I’ve had mixed success with the XBox LFG for nightfalls, less good for the occasional raid try. If we have three or four for a specific day/time we may do better with a post at the100.


For me and Sean, Nightfalls haven’t been an issue, but like Sean said, last night’s LFG raid was a bit rough (condescending, mildly racist, etc. you know how it goes)

I dunno, for me, the ideal raid group is one where even failure can be fun. That’s more important to me than being with a group that can speedrun the raid and farm exotics.


Do I ever. I just remembered the worst of my LFG raid experiences, that involved exactly what you’re describing plus a good dose of ableism, and the shouted on-mic phrase that will haunt me, “Because, gramma, I like to get undressed when I get home from school, that’s why!”

Ayup to this. One of my best experiences was joining a team of 5 who knew one another, liked and respected one another, and joked and laughed for the whole doomed failed attempt at Aksis pt 1 late one night. Good stuff.


I’m hoping that this is the experience doing Guided Games in D2, because that sounds pretty sweet.

(also I am free for Destiny tonight so hit me up if any of you are available to play).


I’ve never gone down the LFG road, it seems dark and perilous. I play more PvP than PvE at this point anyway and solo queuing is fine.