Let's do some Destiny raids


Hey Xbox gang, what do you think of trying a raid this weekend? I can think I can probably swing the time.


I can probably carve out some time tomorrow (Sunday), depending on when and which raid.


I’m sort of open, too. What time(s) maybe good for you today? Preferred raid?


Yo everybody, finally got my Outbreak Prime! Thinking my Titan looks pretty rad with it and that FATT clan banner.


Apologies for not following up yesterday, I got caught up in Father’s Day stuff. Hope ya’ll had a good one!


No worries!

Also, it might be helpful for us Xbox people to work out what days/times of the week work best for grouping up. For me:
Tuesdays 6:00p-11:00p CT
Thursdays 6:00p-11:00p CT
Fridays usually 8:00p-2:00a CT
Saturdays 10:00a-6:00p CT (sometimes I’m available Saturday nights too, but this is my D&D/misc. tabletop night)
Sundays pretty much whenever

That said, I am also flexible on a lot of these times, so if you need an extra person outside of these times, just hit me up on the Xbox app and I might be free.


Hey everyone! I’m back! anyone down to do some PS4 raiding tomorrow night at 8 pm EST?


I’m basically around after 11 eastern, barring very special occasions. If I’m on and not in a group feel free to grab me, I’m down for whatever.

Also anybody want to get that nightfall done tomorrow night?


Welcome back! I would love to raid tomorrow eve if there is a vacant spot on your fireteam.


I’ll be available for that.


Oh and the Nightfall is tasty this week:

Blighted Chalice
Void Burn - Void damage from any source is greatly increased.
Brawler - Guardian melee damage is greatly increased.
Fresh Troops - Some enemy squads have been fortified with additional reinforcements.
Airborne - Players deal more damage while in the air.
Daybreak - The Darkness grows stronger, and so do you. Form a fireteam of three and unleash your Light with greatly increased ability recharge.


Oooh yeah, daybreak nightfall! I can’t do it tonight but should be able to tomorrow night.


I might be able to do something tonight for the nightfall. Void Burn+Daybreak+Voidwalker+Nothing Manacles= SCATTER GRENADES EVERYWHERE!!!


It’s tough for me to schedule things out, what with having a partner who also enjoys utilizing the TV that the Xbox is connected to. Generally though, 9-11pm on most weeknights are decent for me, as well as on the weekends.


Well, that’s part of why I wanted to try and work out a schedule, so co-habitants (I run into a similar problem since we also only have one TV in our apartment) know when it is Destiny time and when it is Binge-Watch-Twin-Peaks time.


I’ll be on between 10:30 and 11 eastern, I’ll look for you guys and we can do a thing.


Would anyone on here on Xbox be up for some raiding tonight?


Sorry, didn’t see this until now. I’m pretty much free all weekend, though.


I’m pretty free and open this weekend, too. Now we just need a few more…


Got 4 people for a raid tomorrow at 11 am EDT, any PS4 peeps interested?