Let's do some Destiny raids


I can do that I think. Fair warning though I’ll have to get up early so if I don’t show up it’s that my alarm didn’t go off


Anyone on tonight, maybe do a strike or something on ps4


I’m gonna be on a bit today and grinding Archons Forge for a god roll Saladins V. Might even be doing it during the postmortem for FaTT. Anyone up for some lazy AF grinding let me know.


Semi relevant to the raid



That was fun! I am sorry I derailed us with Pokemon chat though! :wink:


Open to start a a raid anytime between 9 am EDT and 8 pm EDT tomorrow, Wednesday, or Thursday, is anyone free those times?


I’m free for all of the above, if you are still looking for people.


I can do one between 12PM and 4PM MT on Thursday but it has to be over by 4 so I can get to work


Ok so does 2 pm EDT tomorrow sound good to y’all? @VulpesAbsurda @Ghave ?


Works for me! Posts still need to be 15 characters!


Yep, that is good for me as well.


Lets do some Destiny Raids! I’ll be on all day and need an extra 1-3 people for each one. Starting now with Vault of Glass. We’ll be starting as soon as I get at least one (we can do it with 4) I’d like to take any of you through that haven’t done raids before. ALL NORMAL MODE for now. Don’t worry about weapons, light level or armour. Will do other modes another day. So come have fun, don’t be shy, we’re a fun group.


Y’all still on this? I might be able to hop on???


Hey friends! We have only a few weeks left of featured raids before the Destiny 2 beta happens! Are you someone who hasn’t done a raid yet available sometime from 9 am EDT to 11 PM EDT in the next three weeks? Reply to this message and I’ll start the process of organizing the final raids of Destiny 1!


I still need to do the taken king raid!


I would like to do any non Vault of Glass raid if possible, but it’s not a priority since I’ve finished at least one now.


@VulpesAbsurda @Ghave would y’all be available for kings fall tomorrow? If so let me know what time!


hey Cado we haven’t hooked up for any raids yet but you’re free to look up my stats (PSN: brokentoasterkid). If you’re gonna try to Sherpa some people through some of the raids in the last weeks they’re featured I’d be glad to be an alternate or a member or whatever. I know basically all the roles in all the raids.

And that goes for everyone else in this thread, I guess, too. I once played Destiny and thought “I’ll NEVER play with strangers from the internet, I hate talking to people like that and I get anxious, and stuff like raids is for other people”. And then I tried it…and had fun. I’m winding down with Destiny and frankly pretty busy right now. But I remember how good that felt. If you’re out there and you’ve been quiet but want to climb that mountain even just once…do it. I’ll help out. You’ll have so much fun.

My evenings go back and forth but this coming week I should have at least one evening (EDT) open between Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. And then time on the weekend.


I’m available anytime after 5:30PM Eastern