Let's do some Destiny raids


I’m available on Wesdnesday after 7pm EDT this week and would love to go through Kings Fall if possible. I also want to thank @Cado for the ongoing raid organizing for the past couple of months. Hopefully when D2 comes out, more folks are going to be playing and finding a group will get much easier.


If it’s King’s Fall I would love to be involved, but can’t be too late UK time on a wednesday.


It’ll have to be some time between 11am and 3 PM mountain time for me


Ok @ToasterTheModernist @Ghave y’all are down for tonight? How does 6 pm EDT sound?

@KestrelPi @VulpesAbsurda I’m available starting at 1 pm EDT on Wednesday if that’s good for y’all!

@crasstiger I can’t do more than one night raid this week because my little sister is staying with me, so tonight its gonna be the only late one during the week I think :frowning:


No problem! I’ll try to tune in to the stream if I can :slight_smile:


That works! It is a work day though so we will be on a four hour time limit but I think we should be fine


Wednesday is no good for me I’m afraid. We’ll figure something out at some point.


Yep, I can make that. I may be around 5 or 10 minutes late at the most, just have to drive home from work and sometimes traffic is less than cooperative.


Likewise on the Xbox side, if people want to get a raid or two in before the first I’m happy to help. I know there aren’t quite as many of us around.


@Cado If you guys need someone to fill in at any point for the raid today I am available (just thought about this since we ended up needing people the other night). Just got my Titan to 400 as well, so I can finally drop bubbles if needed.


Streaming if anyone wants to watch the end of this raid :slight_smile: www.twitch.tv/cadokun


One day we will finish this fight! ONE DAY



Got 2 slots for tonight’s attempt at Aksis challenge, starting in 1.5 hours! Who wants in?


Man that raid was fun! I got so many cool guns that I will never use that other people really wanted I live only to watch others lust after the things I own that they shall never have! Exclamation point!


Hey! I realized (a little bit late) that Destiny 2’s going to be A Thing soon and I actually haven’t really experienced any of the raid content in Destiny 1! I’ve played all the DLC on the PS4 and I got a Warlock somewhere around 380-390 Light, so I think I’m good for most anything.
If anyone’s up to group up and run some of these with me some time feel free to reply!


I’m still hoping I get a King’s Fall run in at some point. I’ve had real bad luck getting a game of that together, and it’s the main thing on my list which is stopping me from closing off Destiny 1 as a thing I’m ‘done’ with before 2.


Hey y’all! Trying to do a raid run either tomorrow (Wednesday) or Thursday, anytime between 9 am and 4 pm EDT! This is the final featured raid of Destiny 1 and it’s the Vault of Glass!


I was in a pretty effective King’s Fall last weekend that fell apart due to time constraints. I’d love to close that chapter this weekend, and I’ll be around.

I’m running on Eastern Time, but I can do either late on Friday local or some time on Saturday.


Trying the do the Templar boos fight in challenge mode again sounds like hell so unless you really need a sixth I’m going to sit this one out


Sorry I forget if you’re on XB1 or PS4. If you’re on PS4 and you need a hand through KF on Saturday (sorry I’m useless for Friday), I’m on eastern time too and I know the raid well. I’ll get yeh through it for sure.

My psn is brokentoasterkid, feel free to shoot me a message.