Let's do some Destiny raids


I’m PSN, as well! HardTimesWhiskey is my handle. We can see about Saturday!


Is anyone interested in running king’s fall tomorrow? I can start as early as 9 am EDT! @Skoots @KestrelPi @Quartz_Movement @VulpesAbsurda @ToasterTheModernist ?


Sadly I am out of the house tomorrow :frowning:


I think I might have time for that tomorrow!


I’m sorry I am also out all day


Sorry, weeknights are a no-go for me. I have to share the TV and I’ve got looooooooong days in any event.


I’m trying to get all 4 raids completed before Destiny 2 comes out… I’m free all weekend. I’m on PSN @thepluginbaby


Hey @Velocirapture ! I’m trying to organize a run through of all the raids this Sunday! Are you on the waypoint discord?

Also to everyone else: who wants to run any/all of the Destiny 1 raids this Sunday? Doing this on stream as a day long symbolic send off of Destiny 1 :slight_smile:


I’m definitely up for that!

Guess I’ll get discord going


I am busy between about 3 and 5 PM Mountain time but I can do any other time after like 9 AM. I would love to get in on Wrath of the Taken Dude if possible!


@Velocirapture @VulpesAbsurda So I’m planning on starting around 10 am EDT for the raid marathon. I think the order might be Crota>King’s Fall>Wrath>VoG? So we’ll run through Crota and probably be starting king’s fall around Noon EDT, then Wrath around 3pm EDT, then Vault of Glass around 6 pm EDT. Who can make which raid?


Afraid I’m not going to be able to join this weekend. I’ll be around once Destiny 2 starts though, and I’ll be down for a blind raid then with any Waypoint forum crew.


Swapped Wrath and Crota in this lineup FYI!


I can do that but I will have to leave around 5 PM EDT! If you want the same lineup for the whole thing though that’s cool I don’t mind sitting this out! Part of me would be relived to not have to get up at 7:30AM anyways! :wink:


Totally down for this. I’m based in the U.K. But timing shouldn’t be a problem. Looking forward to finally completing this game!


It’s cool! Come when you can, just let me know what raids you can make it for and I’ll put you down for those :slight_smile: trying to fill slots for all of the raids still!


Are you interested in doing the whole marathon? Or just some of the raids? Also, send me your PSN!


Ideally the second and forth raids but I can fill a slot in the first if you can’t find anyone else it’s just super early for me. I’ll assume you need me for the first one but let me know if that changes


Eh need is such a strong word. We could always use more people, but its totally fair if you wanna sleep! Crota’s end is cheesable with 3 people :stuck_out_tongue:


In that case I’ll be ready for the second raid around two hours after the marathon start time if that works!