Let's do some Destiny raids


Yes, I’m down for the whole marathon. PSN name is thepluginbaby.


Ditto what this guy said! I’m BottomlessPete


Ok! Starting up in around 40 minutes! Look for a PSN message from Cadokun :slight_smile:


Hey y’all! I’m starting to organize for this week’s raid launch! Here’s a doodle poll: just add your name for the times and dates you could do a raid, Depending on how many people are available and willing, we’ll split into different groups! You should be 265 light (currently the assumed minimum to enter the raid) by raid time! https://doodle.com/poll/ukfymu233sr5adbs


I’m also looking to do the raid with some friends this weekend so if those times don’t work for anyone I should have a few slots open for that!


I will be down to raid any night after 6pm, and I’d really like to do it as soon as possible!


Click through for the image btw:


Hey actually I think I can get you on the first team, gimme a sec
Ok Rosie you’re on team 1 PM edt!


Looking for four people to do the raid blind this Saturday at about 2~2:30 PM US mountain time! First come first serve must be around recommended power levels but I’m not too picky

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Yasss, can’t wait! See y’all tomorrow ~


Just to clarify, 1PM EDT is 6PM in the UK?


Yep! I’ll be sending PS4 invites soon!


Hey vulpes! I there’s a few peeps on the doodle that had availability during that time: @crasstiger and two peeps from the discord!


Yeah saturday afternoon sounds great for me @VulpesAbsurda


Yay halfway there!


Hey guys. I put my name down for pretty much most of Saturday and Sunday. Just to clarify we are doing it blind? Oh and another thing … you should only put your name down for when you could start a raid right? Because you have to have the following several hours free?


Yep! These are start times, and the idea is that everyon who wants to play here is doing it blind. There may be some people who are double dipping and will play again on the weekend but they’ve agreed to not spoil anything for first timers!


@VulpesAbsurda would you mind putting your friend and yourself on the doodle poll? There’s just enough for maayyyyybe two teams on Saturday so it would help me a lot in organizing if I could see it all in one spot!


Sorry I missed that one completely! I’ve added myself and there’s two other people with me now! One of whom does not have a Waypoint account so if @crasstiger still wants in on my raid we only need two more people!


Anybody raid-ready on the Xbox version of D2: we’re doing the raid (blind!) tonight at 6:00 pm CT, if anybody wants to join. Feel free to add me on Xbox Live at MFJubes.