Let's do some Destiny raids


Yup, I’m in and I can’t wait.


I think I’m one of the friends @VulpesAbsurda referred to. I just added myself to the Doodle poll for Saturday.


Hey everyone! here’s a doodle for next week. Raid loot resets on Tuesday for reset day. I added every hour since we have people all over the world playing! https://doodle.com/poll/a5mwiusgaqsvy748 (this is for PSN only right now, since there are so few Xbox players)

If you want to raid between today and sunday and aren’t in one of the pre-made groups already the best chance at this point will be to tag @ destiny in the waypoint discord around the time you’re available to see how many people are online!36 AM


Do you have room for one more? I’m in the UK but I could stay up for it.


Yes but it’s gonna go really late your time! Up to you if you want to join though


Don’t think I have any other choice lol


Okay 2PM US mountain time Saturday! Still need one more person to do it!


Forgot to upload the image! @VulpesAbsurda I just now saw your message, so I’m going to move @quartermoose over to the 5 pm EDT team to make space for your friend!36 AM


Wait, do I need to fill a thing out or something?


Yeah I use doodle to collect people’s availability. Here’s the one for next week. Let’s do some Destiny raids

Also consider checking out the waypoint fan discord! There’s a lot of activity over there.


Looks like I’m joining you! Feel free to add me on PSN at Fireproof.


Okay everyone who is in the raid with me send a friend request to IHateDRM75 on PSN and we can get this thing started tomorrow!


Hey so my power has been out for most of the day so if I don’t show up for the raid I have Frozen solid and will be trapped intil spring in the Montana ice so feel free to carry on without me! Or not. Up to y’all really!


Is the 4pm EDT raid still happening? I haven’t heard anything about since Vulpes said their power went out.


I’m planning on it. If we’re just missing one, we can probably recruit someone last-minute.


Okay, cool, feel free to add me (PSN: Fireproof) if you are setting up the party.


Wait, I thought the Raid was at 7 your time?


Okay we didn’t get all that far into the raid but we had some amount of fun so let’s do it again next week! Everyone who was in the raid today let me know the earliest time you can start next Saturday or if Sunday is better and let’s work this out!


To be clear, @VulpesAbsurda is referring to the 4 p.m. ET raid from today (Saturday, Sept. 16).


OH yeah that one…