Let's do some Destiny raids


So about the clan idea, I got in touch with the Waypoint community mods and they gave me some input on how to go about this. I will start a new topic on the forum about it very shortly! Thanks for your patience.


Hey Y’all, checking back in from Thesis land. Sorry I couldn’t run a raid this weekend! I’m down to lead one next weekend though (thesis show is on thursday so I’ll be fully done!)

Also here’s a link to the leveling guide for easy access : Let’s do some Destiny raids


I’m interested in raiding too! I don’t really know what the organization looks like, but my PSN is kadybat! Is there a community or clan that I should join to start?


Hi kadybat! I’m in the midst of figuring out a clan for the Waypoint community in this topic: Any interest in forming and naming an unofficial Waypoint Community Destiny Clan with me?

Looking forward to playing with you!


I totally forgot that the Archon’s Forge was my top spot for casually leveling, and just went from 356-360 in the space of about 30 minutes.

Edit: Make that 362 - last time I played I wasn’t getting 380 items from vendors!
Edit: 364! But now I’m outta marks.


Nice! You can gather a looootttt of engrams at Archon’s Force pretty quickly. BTW, the Ishtar Commander inventory management app has a mode that keeps inventory slots clear by moving new items to the vault, so you can keep farming without too much manual management. Then when you’re back at the tower, you flip the mode the other way, and it starts moving engrams from the vault to your inventory so you can decrypt them. It’s super slick.


Up to 385, just as I closed out Rank 5 of Iron Banner! Now that my light level is getting up there, there’s something else I thought of: do people generally agree on a few weapons being the best ones to raid with? I’m assuming raid drops are the best weapons in the game, so since I’ve never done one, am I good to just roll with what I’m most comfortable with, as long as its level is appropriate? I’d hate to join you all on a raid only to find out that my loadout is laughable.


I’m actually all the way up to 376 now, and I expect to be able to get up to 380 pretty quickly, at least.


I’m inching up to 400, at 393 if I put on my decrypting pants (I’m rolling with 390 Frost-ees most of the time, too convenient).


There are some specific raid encounters that are pretty weapon-dependent at the hard and 390 levels. But (particularly at normal difficulty) if you’re part of a good team that can make up some of the difference, you’ll be fine with whatever you’re most comfortable with. Most boss encounters aren’t close-range, so your secondary should be a good sniper for those (vs say a shotgun for closer-up mobs).

The raid weapons often do some bonus damage against the enemy types common in the specific raid, but raid strategies tend to be maximized with other weapons.


Mmm, love me some frost-ees.


I’m down for Raids, PvP, etc. I run with a clan of work friends and we play pretty regularly.

PSN: Lashe1107
400LL Titan / Warlock / Hunter
Timezone: UK

Happy to fill a party, sherpa, help with AoT book grinding, etc. Just message me and I’ll hop on if I’m about :slight_smile:


What do people like to play with actually?

I don’t really want more than one character, so I have a single Hunter, and I use (pretty much exclusively) Hand Cannons/Sniper Rifles/Rocket Launcher because I’ve never needed anything different.

By the way, I mentioned it way up there but if anyone wants to look me up on PSN then the username is SurplusGamer until the day they let me change it.


@KestrelPi I run a mix of everything really (especially since the Crucible Weekly Bounties were added) but preferred loadout goes to Scout Rifle / Fusion Rifle / Machine Gun.


I tend to use Scout Rifle / Shotgun / Rocket launcher personally. Though I often switch the Scout Rifle for a Pulse Rifle (and occasionally an Auto Rifle if I find one I like). I pretty much keep Hand Cannons exclusively to the Crucible; never really took to them in PvE.


In terms of your primary weapon, there are specific builds people go for to make fights slightly easier (i.e. killing adds in one shot instead of two), but generally you want a gun you’re comfortable with. The raid weapons always have a perk on them that give them a bonus for that specific raid.

For certain fights there are specific weapons that do the best damage. If the boss gets stunned and doesn’t slam you at close range (Aksis, Ir Yut if she’s close to the ground) then an exotic sword is best. If the boss has a crit spot you can hit reliably (Golgoroth, Warpriest) then a sniper rifle will shred them. Gjallarhorn has fallen out of favour in most situations since rockets don’t crit and can occasionally blow you up, but they’re good for bringing down major enemies quickly at range.


Oh, and what about for people’s exotic items?

I have a helmet because I liked the bonus it gives me, and I used to have an Exotic handgun too but I gave it up in order to use the Gjallahorn, but while I still love that launcher I am starting to wonder whether it might be more worthwhile to have a better Primary weapon again, if I can find one. I do like that my current cannon is called ‘How Dare You’ though.

Once I made the mistake of replacing a good hand cannon with a non-kinetic hand cannon, and it felt all wrong. They just feel so wimpy to shoot compared to the ones with good ol’ fashioned bullets.


I usually wear an exotic chest piece for Warlock and Titan because they get bonus heavy ammo, my choice is usually Starfire Protocol and Twilight Garrison. For hunter I like Fr0st-EE5 and Bones of Eao. Helm of Saint-14 can be a life saver.

Sleeper Simulant, Raze Lighter and Gjallahorn are the weapons I generally use.


I think it’s just that I don’t like juggling loadouts that I tend to just settle on one thing. I tried keeping different secondary and special weapons, but I ended up never switching, so now I just go with what I know I enjoy and can handle.

It means something has to be really good to replace all my purple gear right now, because over time I’ve ended up with stuff that complements my style.

And Exotics are still rare enough that I don’t really want to keep ones to swap out, I’d rather spend them upgrading my existing ones.


Hand cannons and fusion rifles are the two weapon types I’ve never felt comfortable with. For primary I’ve lately been a scout/pulse rifle man, sniper rifle for secondary, and machine gun for heavy. The few times I’ve gone on good runs with hand cannons I’ve felt like a badass, but I dunno, I’ve been playing since the beta and there’s something about them that has never clicked with me. I used to hate scout rifles too but they’re now probably my favorite weapon type.

I’ve never really been too bothered by whether or not I have an exotic equipped, but that might just be because I’ve never done anything that’s needed them. I was running with the MIDA Multi-Tool for a while recently, and while finishing up single-player PVE stuff from Rise of Iron I used the Khvostov you get from that quest.