Let's do some Destiny raids


I’ve been using the MIDA multi-tool for ages now and I keep wanting something new but it’s just so dang useful to me. I switched out to a handcannon just cause that’s 3 light levels up (and finally popped me up to 390!). For my special I have the cool taken-style shotgun. Heavy I just switch out to whatever I feel like… I don’t remember, are swords heavy weapons? I wish those were more viable…


Swords are heavy, and they’re very viable! Anywhere you have a lot of adds is a great place to sword it up, such as on Voksis phase 2. You just have to be ready to switch to a heavy machine gun for damage phase. And you can run all of Voksis with a sword – in fact it’s the key way to do damage to him.


Made it all the way up to 386 tonight, though I’m definitely experiencing diminishing returns, now.


Yeah, after you hit 385 it’s super rare to get blue drops higher than that.

One thing to emphasize are Faction rewards. You can level them up quick with Mote donations and they’re a handy way to get Ghost Shells, which are harder to come by and often a stumbling block on the way to higher light levels.


~swoops in from thesis land~

Heroic strikes will give you up to 390 blues as rewards from the bosses!

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Very fortunately, the Forge dropped me a 387 one yesterday


Sounds like you’ve made some progress! Do you want to run the Nightfall tonight?


Tonight’s not a good night for me - Wednesdays and midweek rarely are. I might be on a bit later tonight, but not socially. I will have a little time this weekend again though.


Okay, give me a shout later this week if you’re free and want to try it.


I need one guardian for strikes, Nightfall and other stuff. Today 17th May starting from around 5pm BST. We will be having breaks in between. Totally chill session. Come join especially if your not used to playing in a group. I’m light 400 across all classes. It’ll be fun :slight_smile:


I’m down! I have a titan around 390.


add me psn lapsypa. See ya later!!


It says I can’t add you due to your settings (I’m assuming the friend invite options in the privacy settings?). Try adding me instead? My psn is moneygoldpower


Done. Forgot I changed up the settings last week.


I always forget about the Forge because I don’t have that many offerings but I do have 60 goddamned runes left to burn through.


I usually only have 1 at most, but usually I just turn up and even now there’s usually people around, and just doing the fights drops some so you can contribute too.

I haven’t been back to the rune place yet, though that might be a good idea. I bet some of those fights would be much easier now.

I really like those zones because it’s a way to join in some co-op multiplayer fun without ever feeling committed. If you want to sit one out, you can, if you want to leave after one, that’s fine, and the drops are pretty good. I hope they do more of that for Destiny 2


Yeah! The public events are the best part of doing a patrol by far.


good game Money!


Yeah!! The thing I got from the Nightfall was some arms that give me more heavy ammo, which is fun. Thanks again!


Anything happening this weekend? I just hit 390